ferm LIVING is well known for designs for all areas of the home, but we have a soft spot for their bedroom collection. So we’ve gone ahead and chosen five of our favourite products that will transform your sleeping space from mundane to magnificent. We’ve covered all bases, from lighting to storage, to ensure your bedroom is not only stylish but also functional. So ferm fans, let us tuck you into a world of bedroom bliss with our handpicked selection of ferm’s very best.

Arum Table Lamp

Bedrooms are only as beautiful as their bedside lamps, and the Arum Table Lamp sets a striking standard with its elegant design. You won’t find a more intricately shaped lamp than the Arum. With its solid marble base and petal-shaped shade, it’s a true masterpiece of craftsmanship. Its glow is both ambient and functional, meaning you can create a cosy atmosphere for reading or working without sacrificing style. If your old Kmart lamp is looking a bit… well, generic… then perhaps it’s time to upgrade to the sophistication of the Arum Table Lamp.

Basho Tray

Hands up if you’re always searching for somewhere to stash your everyday essentials! The Basho Tray is here to save the day. This solid brass tray has a place in literally every room of your home, but shines in the bedroom thanks to its versatile design and timeless elegance. No longer will your surfaces be cluttered with keys, jewellery, or random knick-knacks. With the Basho Tray, everything has a stylish and organised home. So start tidying up with the Basho Tray and reclaim your space with a little Basho.

View Tufted Rug

There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning and sinking your sleepy toes into the plushiest of rugs. Inspired by an aerial view of the Earth, this is no standard rectangular rug. The View Tufted Rug brings artistry and imagination to your bedroom floor. The rug brings a warm touch of colour and texture to your space, transforming it into a cosy oasis where you can unwind and relax. Sink your toes into something truly luxurious with the View Tufted Rug and elevate your bedroom from the ground up.

Shard Wall Mirror

The number one rule before leaving the bedroom is to ensure a final check before you step out, and the Shard Wall Mirror is here to help. This mirror takes things to another level with its captivating design inspired by sharp, raw edges of broken ceramic, glass, and rock. Generous in size and beautiful to behold, the Shard Mirror adds depth and style to any room while also serving as a functional piece. Check yourself before you wreck yourself with the stunning Shard Wall Mirror and elevate your daily routine.

Curvature Wall Table

Squiggles are here to stay, and ferm LIVING’s Curvature Wall Table proves that they’re not just for doodling anymore. Compact but surprisingly generous and sturdy, this wall-mounted table defies expectations with its whimsical curves and functional design. It’s perfect for minimalist spaces, adding elegance and practicality without overwhelming the room. Upgrade your bedside setup with the Curvature Wall Table and discover a design that seamlessly blends elegance and practicality for your bedroom.

Before you hit snooze, let’s recap the highlights of our ferm LIVING bedroom design journey. As you can see, ferm LIVING really excels in crafting pieces like the Arum Table Lamp, the Basho Tray, the View Tufted Rug, the Shard Wall Mirror, and the Curvature Wall Table, which seamlessly blend style and functionality, elevating your sleeping space to new heights of comfort and elegance. If a bedroom redo is calling, and it should, discover more from ferm LIVING via the button below. Stay comfy and cosy as you embark on your bedroom transformation journey with ferm LIVING.