A lamp easily recognised by Scandinavian design enthusiasts, the JWDA lighting range has become something of an icon for Danish design-house, Menu. Designed by Jonas Wagell Design + Architect, it’s applauded for its minimalistic form, playful expression, balanced proportions.

We like it because it’s straight up sexy. Don’t you?

Ahhhh the JWDA lamp, a classic in the world of Scandinavian lighting, and a goosebump-giver here at Designstuff. Its shapely figure, consisting of proportionally perfect curves and soft clean edges, never fail to capture attention and draw admiration.

A staple piece in Menu’s design repertoire, the range began with the humble table lamp. Sculptural and functional, it features an industrial-inspired concrete base and oversized globe. Quickly rising to iconic status, it’s often seen styled in contemporary homes, modern corporate spaces, and trendy minimalistic restaurants.

Over a short period, the range has ballooned to include a variety of different bases – marble, brass, and steel – and a pendant and floor lamp style (which we can’t get in Australia… yet… 🤞). The JWDA collection is now one of Menu’s most recognisable and successful designs, lighting up homes and spaces in Denmark and around the world.

Having endured many a long and dark Nordic winter, you could argue the Scandinavians have truly mastered the art of interior lighting – honestly, what haven’t they mastered? Creating light, with a soft natural feel, is their forte (one of many), which explains why their spaces and interiors tend to feel warm and inviting. And though artificial lighting may not be immediately noticeable, or the first thing you acknowledge when you enter a space, it’s definitely an element that defines the overall experience.

Obviously, Menu follows this path, achieving ambience and a sense of welcoming through their carefully crafted lighting collection – which of course includes the JWDA table lamp.

At first glance, you could easily assume the JWDA‘s large globe would pump out rays of powerful light like there’s no tomorrow. But overbearing is not how this piece performs. The lamp’s warm glow is atmospheric, and completely adjustable thanks to the inbuilt dimmer function. Accessible via a very charming round dial, the amount of light can be shifted between comfortably radiant, to the final glimmer of an afternoon sunset.

So, about the creator. Architect and designer, Jonas Wagell, studied interior architecture and furniture design in Sweden and New York’s Parsons School of Design. From a young, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed age, his interests centred around the world of architecture, with the functional, often overlooked, details drawing his attention – garages, hidden staircases, and rooftop pools – all that cool stuff!

His work is recognised through its visual simplicity; a balance of form and proportion ahead of materiality and technicality. Timeless in appearance, Wagell considers his work minimalistic and tidy, but never lacking in beauty or interesting features. His design process is lengthy, with resources dedicated to thought, reflection, and analysis – the essential collaboration to distinguish the great from the good.

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