Navigating the Valentine’s Day gift maze for design lovers is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack – except the needle is designer, and the haystack is a pile of boucle fabric. The challenge? Sorting through the mundane to discover a gem that speaks to the heart and the keen eye for design.

Consider this year your opportunity to flex your design savvy; and we’re here to help. We’ve picked 5 chic delights crafted for those who appreciate design talk. Let’s go love birds!

AUDO CPH Salt and Pepper Bottle Grinder Set, Small

Just like your favourite power couple, meet the AUDO CPH Salt and Pepper Bottle Grinder Set—a dynamic duo of culinary charm that’s not just a spice upgrade but a celebration of love in every sprinkle.

This two-piece set of petite mills, shaped like stylish bottles, fits snugly in your hand and, just like any perfect love-pair, they work seamlessly together, effortlessly crushing and grinding whatever your spice of choice may be. Their smaller size, a delightful twist on the original design, makes them perfect for kitchens where space is a precious commodity.

As a Valentine’s Day gift, these grinders embody the essence of love – two distinct entities coming together to enhance each other’s flavours. They also look pretty darn schmick in the kitchen. Spice up your Valentine’s Day with this charming duo, because nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a well-seasoned meal and a sprinkle of togetherness.

TOM DIXON Press Vertical Tealight Candle Holder

Enter the Press Vertical Tealight Candle Holder – It’s a bold statement in silhouette and a testament to the art of dropping big globs of molten glass at a scorching 1,200 degrees. Talk about bringing the heat to Valentine’s Day!

Crafted with love, Press is manufactured in two or three-part iron moulds, ensuring that it doesn’t just last a lifetime – it outlasts forever. Because when it comes to romance, nothing says ‘eternal flame’ like molten glass pressed into perfection.

For the design lover who appreciates the clever, the bold, and the downright fabulous, the Press Vertical Tealight Candle Holder is not just a gift; it’s a grand gesture in the language of design love that whispers ‘Darling, our love is as enduring as this chunk of transparent fabulousness.’

KOBN Beach/Bath Towel

Versatility is the name of the game with the KOBN Beach/Bath Towel in Bright Citrus Yellow. This isn’t your average towel. Crafted with the precision of a textile maestro, it features premium Turkish linen woven with soft cotton. Versatile for beach, bath, or poolside, it’s reversible with one side terry and one side plain weave. Sustainability is woven into its fabric, being Certified Made in Green, and each tag comes with a QR code for those who love a good origin story, because transparency is the sexiest trend in toweldom.

For the design lover who lounges with flair, the KOBN Beach/Bath Towel is a lifestyle upgrade. A Bright Citrus Yellow slice of luxury that says “I love you.”

LEIF Two Hands Gift Set, Flannel Flower

For the design lover who appreciates the finer things, the Two Hands Gift Set in Flannel Flower is a pampering masterpiece

Imagine this set as a spa day for the hands, courtesy of Mother Nature. The duo includes the Flannel Flower Hand Wash, a generous 500ml of cleanliness, and its partner in hand-love, the Flannel Flower Hand Balm, a compact 100ml of moisturising magic. Together, they bring the benefits of Flannel Flower – assisting with skin recovery and providing a potent source of antioxidants. Add Cedarwood for clarity with a grounding aroma and Vetiver for calming benefits with floral-green undertones.

This set is the perfect Valentine’s day gift for the design lover whose hands do all the talking.

THE POSTER CLUB Berit Mogensen Lopez, Prana Art Print

Introducing the Prana Art Print in A5 – because nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like diving into the cosmic concept of prana. Berit Mogensen Lopez’s exclusive artwork brings an ancient yoga tradition to your modern-day romance; a journey into the cosmic connective thread that binds you and your loved one to the vast universe.

Printed on 265g high-quality art paper, it’s a heavyweight champion in the world of artistic expression. And the A5 size is perfect for fitting into your lives – whether displayed proudly on the wall or strategically placed amidst the mess on your desk. A reminder that, like prana, your love is unique, exclusive, and probably a bit hard to explain to others.

So, for the design lover in your life, gift them the Prana Art Print – the perfect visual representation of your love that’s as complex and beautiful as the concept of prana itself.

Now it’s your time to shine and flaunt that impeccable design savvy. We’ve helped you handpick 5 chic delights that practically scream, “I get design talk.” From the utterly dazzling FUNDAMENTAL BERLIN Regenbogen Crystal Paperweight to the eternal flame of the TOM DIXON Press Vertical Tealight Candle Holder, these gifts are statements, made in the language of design love. So flex those design muscles and turn this day into a celebration of love and design—because, darling, your relationship deserves nothing less.