If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s our need for escapism in the great outdoors. If there are any positives to come out of that period of our lives – you know the one we’re talking about, starts with a c, rhymes with ovid – it’s how much we’ve come to re-appreciate our natural desire to embrace the world and the need to inject it back into our lives.

As humans, we have a tendency to seek out connections with nature. Nothing makes us happier than stepping out and feeling the sun shining on our faces, or its warmth enveloping us as it pours in through the window. The feeling as the breeze softly blows past us, or the ease and contentment that calls as rainfall surrounds us. 

Biophilic Design is an approach that embraces this need to connect with the natural world around us within the non-natural elements of our lives.

What Is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic Design (sounds dirty, we know. And it kind of is, but not in the way you’re thinking!) is a practice that connects that ingrained draw we have to nature (that kind of dirt) with the world of design and architecture. The concept comes from the word Biophilia, which is all about the human desire to interact and connect with nature and other living organisms.

Biophilic Design is a way for us to explore the love triangle of sorts that’s formed from the relationships of human biological desires for nature and building and construction. It involves finding that deeper understanding of how nature can affect our overall wellbeing and how we can create spaces that foster that desired connection.

Think of it as wanting to bring the outdoors in for the best of both worlds. The principles of Biophilic Design can be applied in a multidisciplinary way that considers more than just the simple idea of combining elements of nature with design. It considers everything from lighting to materials. Everything from colours and textures to the flow of air and how it all works to recreate that holistic approach of connecting with the outdoors to help you find that happy place and satisfy those underlying needs for nature.

How Can I Introduce Biophilic Design Into My Home?

Biophilic Design is like having your own personal superhero with the power to bring you that daily fix of nature needed to balance out the hours spent indoors. From home to work and back again, many of us don’t see the light of day. We need those feels of nature that are so close, yet so far and that’s where Biophilic Design comes to the rescue. It’s heard your cries and ready to help you foster that connection!

Embrace the greenery

Find that green thumb of yours and fill your home with plants, plants and more plants. We’re talking the real deal and not the phony faux friend. Not only do plants bring life and colour to a space, they also improve the air quality and act as a mood booster. Potted, hanging, vases, bowls – your choices are endless. Channel your inner plant parent and let some leafy companions breathe life and nature into your interiors.

Knock on wood

Fill your space with materials that nod to the elements of outdoors. Rich timbers and wooden textures in furniture and flooring, or paneling on walls and ceilings adds warmth and a grounding sense of calm to the space. Timber not your thing? Incorporate aspects of leather, wool, stone or even water instead for that calming connection. Biophilic Design is all about finding those elements that help you connect with the natural world so use the treasure trove that is nature to help you embrace it in your material of choice in ways that sing to you.

Window to your soul

Hone the indoor outdoor connection and create a natural flow from the outside to the inside of your home. Let the sun’s rays dance, smell the freshness of the air or listen to sounds of rain by simply opening a window. Embrace the natural world without leaving the comforts of your home.

Let nature’s palette paint its way into your home

Nature has already perfected colour combinations, so why not take a page out of its book and incorporate these hues into your home for the ultimate feeling of balance and serenity. Don’t mess with a good thing and refresh your space with splashes of earthy tones across your walls, furniture and decor to create a visually harmonious environment. Let it transport you to your favourite natural landscape and awaken that connection and desire for the outdoors.

What Are The Benefits Of Biophilic Design?

If you haven’t gathered already, Biophilic Design is the natural best friend of the built up world, whose job it is to positively impact our lives. It’s not just about that deep-rooted urge we have to hang outside, oh-no! It’s also about giving ourselves that boost of energy and much-needed recharge to reinvigorate ourselves!

There are many health benefits associated with Biophilic Design. If you’re feeling stressed, grab some plants or a paint brush (believe us, it can be a very therapeutic exercise where you and your space come out feeling refreshed) to synthesise a calming effect on your mind as well as your body. Surrounding yourself with elements and views of nature initiates feelings of relaxation and tranquility to help reduce those levels of stress you might find yourself experiencing.

When we embrace Biophilic Design we can also improve our cognitive functioning leading to increased productivity and focus. Winning! Add elements of nature into your workplace, your children’s study spaces and other educational settings to better improve focus, creativity and problem solving abilities. This could be something as simple as a small plant on a desk or opening a window to let natural light pave the way to success.

So What Did We Learn?

Right, class – so what have we learnt today? What are our key takeaways? Let’s say them together!

1. Recent years have reminded us how we crave the outdoors as humans (it’s in our biology remember!) so let’s feed those cravings and make that connection with the world. 

2. Bringing the outdoors into your home can be as simple as opening a window and painting some walls. Soooo, grab that brush, add those organic pieces and let your new pal Paula – last name Plant – crash in your sanctuary for an extended period of time and feed on the goodness that she brings.

3. Release those positive emotions and improve brain function just by getting your daily fix of nature. Let’s spark some joy and happiness! Think of the endorphins and rejuvenatedness you’ll be feeling by giving your body what it needs while also making your home a beautiful sanctuary. It’s a win win!

You’ve glimpsed the world of Biophilic Design, and now it’s time to let your creativity run wild and embrace the beauty of nature within your own home. For the benefits you get with it, grab the plants, take in the views, furnish, paint and decorate with all the earthy hues and transform your haven into a place of Biophilic wonder.