This Mother’s Day, let’s honor the remarkable mother figures who have touched our lives with love and guidance.

Gift thoughtfully selected items that are timeless and thoughtfully contribute to Mum’s routine and interests. Explore our curated collection for luxurious self-care essentials, meaningful keepsakes, and more.

Discover the perfect way to say “thank you” to the extraordinary women who have shaped us.

A big cheers to vibrancy

If you’ve got a mum that’s as colourful as a rainbow, then playful glassware is where you should begin your mother’s day gift hunt. From grape-topped carafes to sleek cocktail glasses and charming tinted water goblets, these little gems are tastefully showy and make for great keepsakes too. Whether Mum’s throwing a bash or enjoying a quiet night in, these beauties will remind her of your love and appreciation.

Permission to relax

Treat Mum to some luxurious body care goodies that’ll make her feel like a queen. Our collection is all about elevating her self-care routine, giving her the chance to relax and pamper herself.

From fragrant hand washes to lush lotions, each product is a little slice of indulgence and self-love. They’re designed to keep her skin healthy, clean, and smelling amazing, so she feels pampered from head to toe.

Candles for every occasion

Gifting candles are officially off the cliche list, and are back to being a winning pick for Mother’s Day. Because they’re no longer just for light – they’re all about setting the mood, bringing a bit of peace and relaxation, and adding a sculptural touch to her space.

Elevate her gatherings

Whether it’s a chill family dinner or a big bash with friends, if mum loves to host, chances are she’ll love something she can serve up at her next event (big or small). Crafted with love and attention, our hosting essentials go beyond just looking pretty; they’re a way to show Mum how much you appreciate her knack for throwing awesome get-togethers.

From sculptural candle holders, to embroidered napkins, and ornamental teapots, we’ve got the perfect touches to add charm to Mum’s next gathering. These essentials make hosting a breeze, so she can focus on enjoying the party instead of stressing about the details.

Curl up and get cosy

If Mum’s craving some cosy comfort this year, we’ve got you covered. From snuggly blankets to cute mugs and great reads, you’ll find all the essentials for a relaxing chill-out session on the sofa.

Crafted by people who understand the value of kicking back, each treasured item is geared towards making Mum feel amazing. With your thoughtful gifted pick, she can relax and recharge, ready to tackle whatever life throws her way.

Framed masterpieces of love

This gift idea passes creative freedom to your little ones, by encouraging them to get crafty and make something extra special for mum. Whatever their medium, be it paint, crayon, pencil, or collage, the result can be displayed like a true masterpiece in clear MOEBE frame.

Plus, it’s not just about the art – it’s about the joy and pride they’ll feel when they see their creation hanging proudly for everyone to admire. It’s a win-win: they get to express themselves, and mum gets a heartfelt, one-of-a-kind mother’s day gift.

Self-care sanctuary

If mum is in desperate need of a daily reset, she might appreciate something that brings purpose, intent, and beauty to her daily bathroom routines. Consider designer bathroom essentials, designed to elevate her self-care experience.

It could be as simple as a sleek toothbrushes with a matching minimalist holder, or a luxe cordless illuminated makeup mirror. Each will encourage mum to prioritise her well-being and give her permission to take a moment that’s slow, considered, and enjoyable.

We hope you found this guide helpful! Whether it’s your mum, grandmother, aunt, or mentor, they all deserve to be celebrated for their unwavering love and guidance. Our curated collection of thoughtful gifts is designed to help you express your love and appreciation in meaningful ways. From luxurious self-care essentials to heartfelt keepsakes, there’s something special for every mother figure. Take the time to explore our gift guide and find the perfect way to show your gratitude. Because when it comes to showing love, every gesture counts. Happy Mother’s Day!