Photography by @evegwilson, Styling @annieportelli, Art Direction @lucy.feagins

The Design Files are THE authority when it comes to all things going on in the Aussie design world. So when they put out an edit, you better believe it’s gonna be filled with drool worthy products you’ll love for years and years and years. And so, without further ado, let us all dive head first into TDF’s Christmas Countdown Gift Edit for 2021!

Let’s get real for a second. Santa has quite a lot to answer for. This so called jolly fellow does absolute diddley when it comes to ticking things off the Christmas shopping list, let alone curating it. The dude is more than happy to take credit for the lot, despite having done nothing of use in the lead up.

Santa, thank you for absolutely nothing.

Given the hopelessness of Christmas’s crappy poster child, it falls upon us less-magical beings to get sh*t sorted. Thankfully, we’ve got The Design Files to fall back on, who have once again curated an EPIC gift guide, featuring some absolute stunners from lil ol’ us!

So give Santa the flick, and suss out the edit below – your gonna find something spesh for just about everyone on your gifting list.

Menu Reverse Table Lamp


Krof 24pc Cutlery Set


Also available in an 8pc set.

Normann Copenhagen Whiskey Glasses


Kreafunk Wireless Charging Station


Kristina Dam Studio Opal Bowl, Small


Iittala Kuru Glass Bowl, 13cm


OSC Portable Mirror


Addition Studio Oil Burner, Picasso