In the coastal suburb of Sandringham, the founders of Contar Developments went about a particularly personal project: the preservation and restoration of their soon to be family home. Their mission wasn’t just about renovations; it was a labour of love, aimed at infusing the residence with modern comforts while cherishing its rich historical character.

Each room tells its own story, a testament to the family’s memories and aspirations. Meticulously selected materials, from marble to natural stone, seamlessly intertwine with the home’s heritage, creating a tapestry of timeless beauty and enduring charm. Outside, the manicured gardens beckoned, offering a tranquil retreat where moments of quiet reflection could be savoured.

Inside, every corner exudes warmth and welcome. Solid oak floors greet visitors with a gentle embrace, their natural beauty enhanced by soothing grey and white tones.

The kitchen, a central hub of activity, seamlessly blends functionality and elegance. Stone countertops sit with timeless sophistication, basking in the glow of natural light that floods the space, inviting shared moments and cherished memories.

In the master bedroom ensuite, brushed brass fixtures add a touch of luxury, elevating the serene ambiance and creating a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

In this personal endeavour, the founders of Contar Developments poured their hearts and souls into every detail, achieving not just a restoration, but a celebration of home, where past and present coexist in perfect harmony, creating an abode that exudes a genuine sense of comfort and belonging.