It’s out with the shabby and in with the chic. We’re all about this modern take on the classic Rustic Chic interior. Discover how to get the look in your home with this dedicated edit.

Welcome to our new and improved take on the classic Rustic Chic interior. It’s like you’ve stepped into a desert, but instead of sand in your shoes and the sun blistering your skin, you’re surrounded by luxurious materials, mesmerising textures, and relaxing tones of beige, cream, and brown. It’s luxe and elevated, yet grounded and very liveable, and dedicated to comfort and sensory engagement.

Rustic as a themes has always held an interesting place in the world of interiors. It pays homage to the concept of ageing, engaging in weathered materials and classic silhouettes to create something teetering between the realms of relaxed and chaotic. Thematically, the idea of a rustic interior is gorgeous, but with poor execution, a rustic space runs the risk of looking like it’s lost in the past, rather than timeless and elegant. An unfortunate outcome we see all to often.

So come our interpretation of the rustic narrative, we’ve aimed for something foolproof and easy to implement in your own home (should the aesthetic take your fancy). It’s a step away from the typical rustic cottages and cabins you may gravitate towards, but still captures that lovely sense of hygge. Our focus is on simple yet intriguing textures, a relaxed earthen colour palette, and silhouettes designed to engage but not overwhelm. Discover our selection of key pieces below to get you on your way, before visiting the full edit which you can check out here.

Kata Cushion


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We’re going to kick things off with a piece that packs some serious interior punch with literally zero thought from your end. And that piece is a cushion, OYOY’s Kata cushion to get into specifics.

Why do we love this particular piece so much? Well, in this circumstance, it embodies quite a bit of our thoughts behind the Rustic Chic theme. Firstly, it’s a great neutral, with just the right amount of warmth to feel inviting, and flexibility to pair with other colours. It also exhibits both visual and tactile texture, thanks to its material composition and repeating herringbone pattern.

These two elements set a fantastic foundation to kick off our rustic chic journey. And if this particular cushion doesn’t spark joy with you, there are plenty of other options available here that you can also use as a starting point.

Rivet Box Table


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This is where our interpretation of rustic chic links back to the traditional definition, with the introduction of weathered materials. We’ve gone with a pop of metallic with Frama’s Rivet Box Side table.

Appreciators of the natural ageing process of materiality will love the Rivet. This geometric superstar is made from untreated aluminium, which opens up all kinds of textural possibilities. It artfully showcases scratches and minor dents that develop through use, and will gently patinate over time. This will result in a gorgeous gradient of varying tones being distributed gracefully throughout. It’s everything you could possibly want in a rustic chic piece.

Meadow Rug


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We asked for texture, and boy did we get texture. Taking the form of a floor rug, this fluffy burst of shag is the perfect example of a rustic chic themed piece, but executed with a contemporary twist.

Named the Meadow Rug, it’s one of our favourite rugs from Ferm LIVING to date. Aside from being a great fit for the rustic chic theme, it’s major selling point is its quality. Made from the softest, 100% New Zealand wool, it’s plush, it’s fluffy, and it’s what we’re currently dreaming of sinking our toes into.

Mashel Candlestick


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Now we get to the fun bit: mixing and matching decor. These are the details that will make or break your new aged, rustic chic space, so a refined and well executed selection process is crucial.

Now that we’ve put the pressure on, how will you know you’ve struck decorator gold? The criteria below should help:

1. Texture. Yep, we keep banging on about it, but we’re can’t express how important a role it plays in a rustic interior. You’re looking for something rough and weathered – think textures you’d find in nature.

2. Silhouette. Opt for organic shapes where possible. What do we mean by organic? Irregular curves, asymmetrical form, and a touch of randomness.

3. Presence. Our take on rustic interiors avoids maximalist principals, and opts for a minimalistic look. This means the pieces you’re putting on display need to support and anchor a room that harbours quite a bit of white space. Go with your heart here. If your eyes spy a piece that makes you go waaaaaaaah, then it’s a fair bet you’re onto a winner.

Our Rustic Chic Edit has a BUNCH of decor pieces for consideration. Our pick is Mashel Candlestick by Bloomingville. It’s got the winning trifecta: texture, shape, and presence. Winning!

Desert Lounge Chair


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Given that our take on the Rustic Chic theme takes inspiration from a rugged desert landscape, it only makes sense we include Ferm LIVING’s Desert Lounge Chair in the mix.

Casually sophisticated, and sophisticatedly casual, it’s a core piece in our rustic interior thanks to a sleek silhouette and neutral palette. The best part is in its versatility – it’s fine to go indoors and out, and is surprisingly comfortable. You won’t want to leave its slouchy embrace.

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