2024 is off to a roaring start, and we’re not far off hitting the event circled on every Melbourne fashionista’s calendar; Melbourne Fashion Festival. Amidst the hype and buzz, we’ve curated an edit of wall prints, each a sartorial statement for your interiors; we’re bringing the runway to your living space. Fashion your walls with our chic curation of catwalk inspired artistry featuring colour, texture, trend, and composition. And, just like in the world of wearable art, this is your opportunity to experiment boldly and take wildly wonderful chances – give your walls the fashionable glow up it deserves.


Berit Mogensen Lopez


Atelier CPH

Grid 02

Bertel Bjerre


Estelle Graf


Berit Mogensen Lopez

Green Ocean

Rebecca Hein


Ana Frois


Hanna Peterson


Berit Mogensen Lopez

The Cat’s In The Bag

Chloe Purpero Johnson


Atelier CPH

As the curtain falls on our Melbourne Fashion Festival 2024-inspired wall prints, picture the transformative allure these pieces can bring to your living space. Ever wondered how to infuse the runway’s magnetic style into your home decor? Seek no further – our curated collection invites each print to be a distinctive sartorial statement, seamlessly intertwining the realms of fashion and interior aesthetics.

Intrigued by the latest trends in wall prints? Explore our chic curation; a visual journey inspired by the vibrant trends of MFF 2024. These prints encapsulate the festival’s spirit, translating colour, texture, and trend into captivating narratives, and bringing vibrancy to your walls.

Ready to give your walls the fashionable glow up they deserve? Your moment for daring experimentation is here. Our curated prints invite you to take creative chances, turning your space into something that truly represents you. We’ve always thought that fashion and decor go hand in hand, so here’s your sign to embody it. This is where your stylish journey unfolds.