Hands up if you find yourself attracted to those wow pieces that always seem to be a little out of your price range? Eyes always searching for those bargain versions that never quite quench your thirst the way the big ticket item would? We see you there savvy shopper, but let’s hold onto those horses, because not everything should be a budget buy! 

Picture this: Your eyes are scanning your favourite showroom and they happen to land on something truly mind-blowing – it’s a high-end piece and it’s calling your name. You don’t just want it, you NEED it. But that tiny voice at the bottom of your wallet is screaming, “We ain’t got the cash for this. Move along!” So you force yourself to turn away but find you’re constantly being pulled back towards it. And that’s where the problem lies. If you consistently  listen to that little voice, you’ll always have that longing feeling inside.

Our advice: bite the bullet and splurge on those showstopping stunners that make you do a double take! Sure, you might need to convince yourself a bit (wink, wink) but trust us, it’s an investment in happiness and style.

At times we can fall into the trap of buying ‘cheaper’ items in an attempt to save and satiate that desire for the ~espensive~ item, but does it ever really hit the mark? More often than not, cheaper also means lower quality and more likely to break, resulting in the need to replace the item on a regular basis. And this is where the attempt to save on costs comes back to bite us!

When buying pieces for YOUR home, constantly think of what’s going to benefit YOU in the long run, in more ways than just saving pennies. Ask yourself, is it really worth the small savings now, if it isn’t what you wanted in the first place?

Some pieces are just worth the splurge and they’re ALWAYS those designs that have you saying it was worth every penny! 

So what do we think is worth splashing the cash on?

Dress The Walls

Walls are just walls until you bring them to life with character reflective of YOU! Think of statement art as an accessory to your individuality narrative because that is a story worth telling. Cents and sensibility might be the book you think you should write, but don’t forget to fill some chapters with bits of lavishness, because you are deserving of it and you can’t put a price on personal value. We often wear our hearts on our sleeves, so why not wear it on our walls with beautiful art as well.

DS Pick: Caia Leifsdotter Psychedelic Wall Sculpture

Invest (For The Sake Of Your Tooshie)

Welcome, Your Highness, to the realm of grandeur, where you are interior design ROYALTY and your living room sofa, no ~THRONE~ should reflect this. Let’s tick those boxes together: comfort, quality, stunning aesthetics. These may not come cheap, but when it’s considered with regards to those of distinction like yourself, only the best of the best will be accepted.

DS Pick: ferm LIVING’s Rico Divan Chaise Lounge

Sitting Solo

The journey to regal comfort doesn’t end with the sofa. Oh, no! Every throne needs an accompanying mini throne, a noble armchair if you will. A seat as majestic to grace your space in elegance. Tick those boxes once again and remember, the elite like yourself deserve to enjoy the finer things in life. Yes, quality comes with a chunky price, but then, so does the feeling of utter luxury as you sink into the softness that is your mini throne.

DS PICK: Knitting Chair from Audo CPH

A Grounding Statement

The magic carpet of interior dreams; step on, sink in and feel the luxury underfoot. Is it pricey, yes, but you’ll be flying first class with it’s quality. Trust us when we say premium rugs are no joke: they’re warmth and cosiness, with refined sophistication. It’s an investment that’ll leave the voice inside your wallet silent as your toes dance with joy for years to come.


Come Dine With Me

Ah, the trusty dining table. The hub for your daily frills and constant spills and taking it like a rockstar. A platform for culinary greatness, it should be taking centre stage in the theatre that is your home. You don’t go to a concert for the opening act, you’re there for the star – so treat your dining table as the master performer that it is. Superior quality and design is worth the big expense, believe us! Just think of all the rockstar stories it will live through for years and years to come

DS PICK: ferm LIVING Pylo Dining Table

A Luminous Splurge

If you’re going to splurge, we say do it on a stunning lighting piece! When it comes to creating perfect ambience and that oh-so-soft glow, beautiful lighting is the pièce de resistance and magic in the room. We don’t know about you, but the harshness of overhead lights makes them a no go within our households (our complexions deserve better!), which is why we choose to complement ourselves with more diffused lighting sources.

Don’t worry we hear you loud and clear, that pesky price tag might have you raising an eyebrow or two. Believe us though when we say, once you’ve experienced the transformative power of soft glows, you’ll be relishing in the brilliance of your wise investments every single day!

DS PICKS: JWDA Table Lamp from Audo CPHTom Rossau No. 111 Pendant Light

An Investment To Reflect Upon

Alright, listen up my chic soulmate. So, you’re contemplating an expensive mirror huh? Let me tell you why it’s not just a mirror, but a worthwhile investment. Expenny mirrors are the Rolls Royce of the reflective world – a masterpiece. They’re superior. Just like an RR, there’s good reason for paying top cheddar and it has everything to do with quality, because mirrors are not made equal. Higher quality = less distortion and more accurate representations of you to be seen.

We want the real you to be what’s shown in the mirror – not the economic alternative and that only comes when you go for broke and fork out the big bucks!

DS Picks: Middle of Nowhere Artemis Mirror

Vessel Vibing

Roses are red, violets are blue, both need a vessel, so here’s a vase or two for you.

I know what you’re thinking, “Whoa, pricey much?” For a vase! Hang tight my savvy shopper, the allure of splurge vases goes way beyond their price tag. They’re pieces of art – another chapter to add to your book. A plain vase is a dust collector in need of buds to wow, an elaborate vase – transformative. They’re storytellers, elevating the simplest of blooms and rooms. Invest in them now and they’ll flourish and chronicle for years to come.

And with that we leave you with a tale:

Though the price may cause a sigh, 
An expensive vase can reach the sky.
While beauty lies in simple things,
An indulgent vase, with joy it sings.

DS PICKS: Louise Roe Ceramic Balloon Vase 03 | Brute Vase by HEM


You know the piece. The one that has you saying, “I-don’t-need-this-it-as-it-serves-no-function-other-than-looking-gorgeous-but-the-heart-wants-what-the-heart-wants-so-I-want-to-buy-it-anyway.”

“Sorry, what was that? The price tag – just ignore that little thing…” 😉

Investing in a statement decor piece for the home is like spraying your signature scent, people stop you in the streets to find out what it is and this item will do the same for your home. It’s a conversation starter. But most importantly it makes you happy and that should be all the justification you need. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves as we add the 101 Copenhagen Bloom Tray to our cart!

DS PICK: 101 Copenhagen Bloom Tray (obviously!)

So What Did We Learn?

Look, sometimes you just need to embrace the splurge and go big on those heart-thumping big-ticket items. The secret sauce to making these spenny purchases: remember these gems aren’t an expense, but an investment into your well-being. Purchase those high-end numbers that speak to you and spark joy in your life.

We’re here to remind you that it’s ok to splash your cash and buy what you want, no matter the cost. Why, do we hear you ask? Because you worked hard for it and deserve to treat yourself. That’s why you’re still here isn’t it? Why you read all the way to the end of this piece. The part of you that keeps telling you shouldn’t buy that splurge-worthy object is just waiting for a reason to be proven wrong! So take this as your reason!

Now what are you still doing here? Start clicking and splurge a lil 🙂