Are you absolutely captivated by the enchanting hues of desert landscapes? The warm, sun-kissed terracottas, the golden embrace of desert sands, and the calming blue skies above. These are the colours that are about to ignite a design revolution, bringing a ray of sunshine right into your home. Say hello to the Desert Colour Trend, your ticket to a revitalised living space.

What is the Desert Colour Trend?

Drawing inspiration from the earthy, rich tones found in arid landscapes, this trend conjures a feeling of warmth and serenity. Terracotta, burnt red, soft dusty pinks, golden sands, sunny yellow ochres, creamy whites, and serene blues come together, capturing the tranquil balance of arid landscapes.

This trend is versatile, a breath of fresh air from the cooler colour palettes that have dominated design in recent years. It’s time to revel in its cosiness.

Transform Your Space

Ready to get a little desert into your space? Start by infusing these earthy tones into your walls and furniture. Imagine warm browns, sandy hues, and soft furnishings like rugs, cushions, and throw blankets in creams, clays, and sky-inspired pale blues. These shades will transport you straight to the desert.

To complete the transformation, add dried floral arrangements in dusty pinks and greens to mirror the desert’s bursts of life. For a balanced backdrop, team these hues with soft greys, beige, and taupes. Or go bold with deep indigo for a dramatic contrast and a visually dynamic atmosphere.

The Desert Colour Trend is not just a trend; it’s a revival. It’s your chance to invite the warmth of the desert into your home. We’ve handpicked a selection of pieces that perfectly encapsulate this trend. Dive in and let the Desert Colour Trend breathe new life into your space.