Welcome to I COVET issue 006, where Instagram influencer @Jessi_Than shares her latest must-have finds for the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration. Get ready to add some love to your life with Jessi’s curated selection of stunning pieces, including a soft pink poster art print, a chic flameless candle, and a stylish ice cube tray that will elevate your drinks to new heights. Whether you’re planning a romantic night in or a cozy date, these products are sure to set the mood. So why wait? Start planning your perfect Valentine’s Day with Jessi’s I COVET picks today!

THE POSTER CLUB By Garmi, Abstraction

I couldn’t take my eyes off the Abstraction Poster Print by THE POSTER CLUB x By Garmi. This beautiful 50x50cm print features a soft pink form against a soothing beige background that immediately captures your attention. The form has a delicate human-like silhouette, as if you’re peeking at someone’s shoulders and upper body and the brush stroke texture gives the piece depth and creates various shades, making it an ideal wall decor for your Valentine’s Day. And you absolutely can’t go wrong with a soft color palette – it’s a perfect, relaxing addition to your bedroom or any other room you want to feel cozy in. Whether you’re looking for a romantic gift for your partner or just a way to decorate your space, this poster art print is a must-have.

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MENU Ignus Flameless Candle

These have got to be the perfect mood makers for Valentine’s Day! Say goodbye to the hassle of melting wax and hello to the elegance of the MENU Ignus Flameless Candle. Made with a beautiful, matte-finished bone china (yep – actual china), each candle emits a soft and atmospheric light that you can easily adjust to your desired mood with just a few taps. No need to worry about fire hazards or running out of wicks, these flameless candles run on battery power and are a stylish, long-lasting addition to any romantic evening in.

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DESIGNSTUFF Sphere Riplet Ice Cube Tray

I’m in love with these Sphere Riplet Ice Cubes! Whether you’re sipping a romantic cocktail with your sweetheart or just looking for a fun and unique way to keep your drinks cool, these ice cubes are sure to steal the show this Valentine’s Day. Made from soft silicone with an internal ripple effect, they add a touch of sophistication to any drink. So let’s raise a glass to love and the perfect ice cube for a perfect Valentine’s Day celebration.

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