Who needs rose-tinted glasses when you can opt for a spectrum of colourful glassware instead? Glassware trends have been bold and vibrant in recent years, and we’re here for it.

The allure of coloured glassware lies in its ability to infuse a burst of colour and visual intrigue. Why settle for clear when you can embrace the vibrancy of colour?

A Historical Influence

Coloured glass has its roots in the stained glass windows of churches, where it transformed light into captivating stories through intricate designs.

Over time, the charm of stained glass has made its way into modern-day decor. These stories have transitioned from windows to find their place in our homes as decor and finishes.

A photo of Maison Balzac's la danse collection of glassware and servingware. Styled as a still life on a brown background.

Reimagined In A Modern Context

Today’s designers have embraced the joy of coloured glass, infusing it into playful and eclectic designs. Brands have brought coloured glassware to the forefront of the trend cycle, creating pieces that allow individuals to express their personality through vibrant additions to their homes and dinner parties.

Absolutely Outstanding Palettes

Coloured glassware serves as a palette of mood-enhancing tools. Whether you want to uplift the atmosphere with a vibrant vase or create a soothing ambiance with muted tone lighting, coloured glassware has you covered.

Jewel tones, pastels, warm earthy hues – whatever your vibe may be, you’ll find a piece of coloured glassware to breathe life into your space.

ferm LIVING's Lump Vase with a branch in it. It's sitting on a table with soft beams of light shining through it.

It’s All About The Light Play

Coloured glass plays with light, transforming it into warm glows and adding depth and drama to your home, whether it’s natural sunlight or artificial lighting.

Strategically position these pieces to let light dance and reflect throughout your space; a vase near a window or tinted glassware under a pendant will help create that stunning tinted magic. As always, achieving balance is essential. Pair coloured glass with natural textures or neutral backgrounds to let the colours pop without overwhelming the space.

ferm LIVING's sustainable Oli range of glassware on a table with light shining through each piece.

A Trend That Travels Hand In Hand With Sustainability

In today’s eco-conscious design landscape, sustainability and coloured glass join forces. Tinted glass often incorporates eco-friendly dyes to minimise pollutants and showcase how beauty can coexist with sustainability.

Repurposing glass is another beautiful way to reduce our environmental impact. Discarded bottles are transformed into new treasures, as seen in the Oli range from ferm Living. By recycling glass, designers contribute to waste reduction and give glassware a sustainable makeover.

Coloured glassware offers a versatile way to enhance your home decor. Whether you prefer bold or subtle colours, it brings a unique touch to your space. From its historical roots in stained glass to today’s modern designs, coloured glass is a timeless choice. The added benefit of sustainability, with eco-friendly dyes and glass recycling, shows its commitment to responsible living. So, consider adding coloured glassware to your home for a simple yet impactful upgrade. It’s a warm and stylish way to infuse your space with personality and charm, making your surroundings as vibrant as your individuality.