Like a Chanel Classic Flap or an Elsa Perretti Bone Cuff, there are plenty of investment pieces in the world of fashion that signify status, quality, and timeless style. The same exists in the realm of interior design, they’re just a little less wearable, and a bit more live-on-able… 😂

We’ve picked four brands that we consider as sitting comfortably on the investment tier. These brands are known for their timelessness, quality, and design integrity – they produce the type of product that follows you on your life journey, or is handed down lovingly from generation to generation. And yes, a higher price tag is often attached to their collections, but it’s safe to say the result is more than worth the investment.

Come explore with us…


Industrial and raw with a touch of British charm.

Tom Dixon is dedicated to creating the extraordinary. The fearless brand champions industrial rawness in an age of minimalism and refinement. Their think-outside-the-box approach to design has helped them develop a style of product all to themselves. Fueled by the desire to experiment, the brand’s timeless collection of furniture, lighting, and accessories present unusual, yet exquisite, forms that work, regardless of the context.

A Designtuff favourite from Tom Dixon would have to be the ‘Melt’ lighting range. Like molten lava, the collection features silhouettes that appear to ooze freely in space – something truly mesmerising. It’s a true one-of-a-kind design that has become something of a modern icon for the brand. It even features inside Bennelong, the restaurant of the Sydney Opera House.

We also took a deep dive into the man behind the brand, Tom Dixon, which you can read here.


Honest materiality and exceptional forms to inspire the senses.

Inspired by the old and the new, FRAMA is a contemporary Scandinavian design house and lifestyle brand. Their design approach is collaborative, a process that not only achieves end goals of the brand’s aesthetic, but the functional needs of the customer and user. It’s a brand that gives a 💩 about providing long term joy; investment pieces to age gracefully along with their owners.

Frama’s collection of product has grown rapidly since their conception in 2011. From a small and considered collection of furniture and lighting, they now also design and produce a range of home and decorative objects, fabrics, and apothecarial (spellcheck is confirming that’s an actual word) goods.


Refined forms to facilitate functionality and convenience

Menu, menu, menu… where to begin. For many of us at Designstuff, Menu was the introduction into the world of Scandinavian design (bottle grinder owners, holla at me!) It’s therefore a brand that is quite near and dear to our hearts, and maybe we’re sounding a little biased, but it’s coming from a place of experience – we promise.

The design house collabs with some pretty big design-world names – Norm Architects, Jonas Wagell, and Theresa Rand to name a few. Their work is set on creating connections between people, products, and spaces, illustrated through the exceptional functionality of their collections and products. As referenced earlier, the Bottle Grinders – one of their earliest, and most recognisable products – are not only beautiful to look at, but are a joy to use.


Minimalism expressed through a monochromatic lense.

Fondly referred to as K-Dam, the brand introduced us to the concept of sculptural minimalism. A term coined by Kristina Dam herself, it’s an expression of balance and harmony, where architectural forms are refined down to their most essential components. The result is a collection of statement objects and furniture that are 100% pure wow.

When we say statement, we truly mean statement. Photos barely do her pieces justice, and seeing them in real life brings a whole new dimension. The quality of materials and the craftsmanship invested into each design is next level – inspirational stuff.