In the heart of Stockholm, nestled within an early 1920s building designed by the acclaimed architecture firm Höög & Morsing, lies a 350sqm apartment that recently underwent a remarkable transformation. Tasked with restoring the apartment to its former glory, Note Design Studio took on a full-scale renovation project that rejuvenated the space with contemporary comforts while staying true to the original aesthetic.

The project was not without its challenges, as the interior needed to be updated with a new floor plan that made the most of the six large rooms while also improving internal acoustics. To achieve this, Note removed all floors to incorporate sound-absorbing marble pebbles and introduced suspended ceilings in all the rooms. The end result was not only visually stunning but also practical and functional.

The interior detailing was completely reimagined, with new floor patterns, stucco ceiling profiles, radiator covers, and door and window frames. Every element was designed by Note in collaboration with their client, who was incredibly detail-oriented and invested in the project.

To anchor the interior in the immediate surroundings, Note took a bespoke domestic approach, using local carpentry for all joinery pieces and stonework quarried from Glanshammar, a two-hour drive from Stockholm. Three out of the four bathrooms are distinguished from each other using various Swedish marbles, while the fourth and smallest bathroom is created from a distinctive patchwork of waste pieces left over from the tiling of the others. The two curved fireplaces are made of Brännlyckan marble in two contrasting patterns, sourced from Närke to the south of Stockholm.

By using local materials and craft techniques, Note and their client celebrated and renewed a treasured space for today and many generations to come. The end result is a stunning and functional interior that pays homage to the past while embracing the present. The project challenged Note’s creative skills on a daily basis, pushing them to the next level as a team and studio.