The interior design landscape is in a constant state of flux, and 2024 is no exception. As we navigate towards a new year, anticipate the dominance of new materials, a transition away from beige on beige, and the endurance of a much-loved silhouette. So get ready to take note as we dive into three interior trends to keep an eye on for 2024.

Steel is Your 2024 Homeware Must-Have Material

Steel is going to be THE material for living spaces in 2024. Gone are the days of brass and gold, the era of ornate and flashy is making way for the sleek, cool, and practical. Steel’s rise is rooted in its durability and contemporary aesthetic, signalling a shift towards a more timeless style. Swap out tones of brass for steel in key pieces like candle holders, lamps, and side tables. It’s a simple yet impactful way to add an effortless edge into your living spaces. For the optimal effect, embrace the simplicity of steel with a minimalist touch; steel works best when styled with a less-is-more approach; the less clutter, the better the reflective impact.

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Boldly Step Into Colour Blocking

If you’re eager to transform your spaces into vibrant, expressive environments, colour blocking is your key to achieving a lively and playful interior. In 2024, colour blocking topples “beige-everything” with dynamic pops of contrasting colours, injecting life into spaces and creating an energetic and vibrant vibe. We’re loving unexpected pairings, like bold contrasts of navy and mustard or softer blends like sage and blush, but you’re bound to find a winner by trialling complementary tones. While colour blocking might seem tricky, begin with a restrained palette and progressively experiment. Start with two or three colours to maintain cohesion, then boldly expand your palette as you become more comfortable with the trend.

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Curves Are Going Nowhere

For those who appreciate the fluidity and grace of curves, you’ll be pleased to know that organic shapes are here to stay in 2024. Curves and organic shapes are going to continue their domination in the interiors scene, thanks to their ability to seamlessly adapt to diverse spaces and styles. They provide a welcoming contrast to straight lines, and help soften angular edges. And remember, too much of a good thing can ruin the outcome – achieve equilibrium through consideration and restraint, a curved sofa or an organically-shaped vase can work wonders on their own.

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As you navigate and prepare for the ever-changing currents of interior design in 2024, three key trends are definitely worth your attention; introduce the dominance of robust and contemporary materials, bid farewell to monotonous beige in favour of dynamic colour blocking, and celebrate the enduring charm of organic shapes. Steel emerges as the must-have material, ushering in a sleek, cool, and practical era, while colour blocking injects vibrance and life into living spaces. The timeless allure of curves and organic shapes continues their reign, seamlessly adapting to diverse styles.

What will you be embracing in 2024?