Brace yourself, school holidays are approaching fast. And that means your task of finding a bunch of fun and exciting ways to keep the kids busy is about to start.

Don’t stress, we got you. 

So, while school hits the snooze button, check out and try our holiday boredom busters to help kick the kids into gear and silence the chorus of, “I’M BOOOOOOOORED!”. We’ve kept things screen-free with plenty of family-oriented activities both indoors and out – ready, steady, let’s get busy!

Family Game Day

Kick off the holidays with a classic family game day soiree! Unleash your wit and flair with Four in a Row, or dust off the chessboard and engage in a battle of tactics and strategy. Alternatively, if your fam love a hit of adrenaline, a game of Tumbling Tower might just be the ticket. And as the day comes to an end, wind things up with a classic card game or two.

Build a cubby house out of pillows and blankets for plenty of imaginative adventures and quests these school holidays.

Cute Cubbies

Grab the cushions, drape the sheets, throw on the blankets and let the fun begin! Cubbies are the perfect excuse to let your little one’s imagination do its thing, wild adventures and secret missions await. The sofa – now a fortress, cushions – the drawer bridge over a piranha infested moat *snap snap*! When playtime is done for the day, gather the cushions, pop the popcorn and cuddle up inside for a fun night of family movies.

Create an obstacle course in your own living room and keep the kid's occupied these school holidays.

Construct an Obstacle Course

On your marks, get set, go! Obstacle courses are a great bit of fun, and will help use up any pent up energy as you and your kids race to crown the obstacle champion. You don’t need to get complicated either, you can build the course out of toys, blankets, and cushions.

Leap over teddy mountain, crawl through the blanket tunnel and hop across the cushion steps to escape the lava floor! Phew! Uh-oh! Just when you thought the danger was done – it’s tightrope time! Balance across the skipping rope and be careful not to fall! One misstep and it’s back to the start… Clear the tower of blocks to retrieve the special key and unlock the treasure trove of treats awaiting past the finish line.

Pack all the snacks and head out on a family picnic these school holidays.

Go On A Picnic

Seek some sun (remember to slip, slop, slap) and roll out the blanket because it’s picnic time. Let kiddos gather their favourite snacks—they’ll likely prioritise sweets and treats so a nutritious lunch is probably going to be your responsibility—find a cosy spot at their favourite park, and chow down on all that serious yumminess!

Set the kids up with drinks and canvases and let their imagination take over with a kid-friendly sip + paint session these school holidays.

Sip, Paint & Draw

Whether a budding artist or finger painting pro, release your inner Picasso with a kid-friendly session of Sip + Paint. You won’t need much—brushes, paints, sparkling apple juice and a little inspo from the world around you. Get the kids outdoors and hunt down some inspiration in the garden’s kaleidoscope of colours, from trees and butterflies, to the soft tones of petals in bloom. With brushes in hand and art smocks donned, get ready to turn your blank canvases into masterpieces worthy of a spot on the fridge.

Cooking and baking activities are a delicious way to occupy little chef's these school holidays.

Cook Some Yummies

Get creative and cook up a bunch of kid-friendly recipes that are as fun to make as they are to eat. From bear-y good cupcakes to a fruity assortment of rainbow coloured ice cubes and ice poles, the possibilities are endless. So grab your aprons and get ready to whip up some yum because it’s snack time!

In the whirlwind that is school holidays, keeping the littles engaged can feel like a real challenge. Keeping the boredom at bay can be no small feat!

With these activities in your arsenal though, boredom doesn’t stand a chance. Watch as the holidays fly by without a dull moment and only jam packed fun!