You’ve got the plates, you’ve got the cutlery, you’ve got the menu, but what about the centrepiece? Explore our guide to the 6 essential centrepieces that add the perfect finishing touch to your dining experience.

We’ve handpicked each to not only elevate your table setting but also say “I know how to style”, making every hosted meal a visual design feast.

101 COPENHAGEN Kabin Vase, Lamella

Japanese minimalism meets Scandinavian cool. This vase is inspired by traditional Japanese tea bowls and features a repetition of lamellas, making it an eye-catching centrepiece on any table.

ferm LIVING Damo Glass Centrepiece

Grab yourself an instant ticket to tabletop tastefulness. Crafted by skilled artisans entirely from glass, each piece, seemingly floating in the air, pays homage to the Celtic goddess of sacred waters—making it the show-stopping focal point your space deserves.

AYTM Uva Vase Cream

This isn’t just a vase; it’s a grape-inspired ceramic masterpiece. Add a bunch of flowers or a knobbly brand to this curvaceous beauty, and you’ve got yourself a talking-point of a centrepiece.

IITTALA Alvar Aalto Vase

If you know, you know-the Aalto vase, inspired by the lakes of Finland, isn’t just a vase; it’s a piece of design history. Crafted with meticulous detail, from mouth blowing to hand cutting, it’s become an iconic symbol of Scandinavian home design. The moss green shade adds a touch of natural simplicity, making it a striking centrepiece.

TOM DIXON Cloud Bowl Ice Bucket

The Cloud is a standout centrepiece, crafted from shiny aluminium by skilled artisans in India. The bowl features a myriad of lightly hammered dents, creating an “I-want-to-touch-it” texture and reflecting the hard work that went into making it. What makes it an essential? This bowl’s seedpod shape allows it to perfectly cradle your favourite bottle of wine; cheers to added functionality!

AUDO CPH Interconnect Candle Holder

The Interconnect Candle Holder, designed by the legendary Colin King for AUDO CPH, isn’t your typical centrepiece; it’s more like a work of art. This geometric marvel brings together a sphere, an angle, and a line, and is perfect for creating a striking focal point atop any dining setting.

Feeling armed, inspired, and ready to pick the perfect centrepiece? We’ve got plenty more ideas for you and your table to check out. Tap the button below for more architectural lines, historic charm, and versatile functionality. Happy styling!