Get ready to ace the back-to-school game with a lineup of essentials that say, “I’m gonna rule this school” From eco-friendly planners to storage solutions that practically do the tidying for you, these items don’t just handle school chaos; they do it with style.

SECOND SCOUT Little Agenda

Arm your little design maestro with the SECOND SCOUT Little Agenda, and they’ll be conquering the chaos of school life in style. With its reversible board, you have access to two distinct sides – one for the structured weekly routine and the other for more flexible, unplanned moments. It offers a balanced approach, allowing your child to navigate both their scheduled school days and the potential spontaneity of their free time.

The included 20 magnetic timber tiles are a graphic designer’s dream. With options like “Grandparents” and “Eat out/Takeaway,” your little one can plan their social life with the flair of a seasoned event coordinator. Plus, with over 140 add-on designs available, there’s potential to plan for just about anything life throws their way. Crafted from responsibly sourced rubberwood, the Little Agenda is making eco-friendly moves in the world of stationery. It’s a small step for a planner, but a giant leap for the environment.

So there you have it – the SECOND SCOUT Little Agenda is a back-to-school necessity, growing your child’s scheduling prowess, whilst matching the vibrancy of their imagination.

OYOY Putki Recycled Doormat

It may not be a red carpet, but the Putki Recycled Doormat is a VIP welcome home. It’s also a reminder to “Step right up and keep the mess out!”

Crafted from 100% recycled polyester, it’s on a mission to save the planet (and your white carpets), one entrance at a time. With its classic striped design, the Putki effortlessly adapts. Whether your home is a sleek modern haven or a cosy ornate retreat, it seamlessly blends with any decor without missing a fringe.

In the realm of must-have back-to-school accessories, the Putki Recycled Doormat steps up. It’s not just a chocolate-coloured rug; it’s a warm welcome for your feet and a stylish nod to sustainability. Because why shouldn’t the journey to school start with a design-inspired fringed entrance?

DESIGNSTUFF Collapsible Crates

These crates aren’t just about shoving stuff away; they’re a stylish storage game-changer for your design-savvy kid’s back-to-school saga, ushering in an era of organised calm as the back-to-school season kicks in.

Got a heap of plush toys, art supplies, or a secret stash of snacks congregating in the middle of your kid’s bedroom? Fear not. These crates make short work of disorganisation; fill them, stack them, collapse them, and adapt them to whatever chaos comes your way. No more treasure hunts through piles – whatever you’re searching for is neatly organised and ready for action. The DESIGNSTUFF Collapsible Crate is a saviour in the never-ending battle against the chaos of disorganised school life.

TOO DESIGNS Minimal Clock

Always on time, the Minimal Clock emerges as the epitome of punctuality for those gearing up for the return to school. This clock embodies the important art of mastering time, with its minimalistic design, it serves as a constant reminder for your student to stay focused amid the bustling academic landscape.

This isn’t your grandma’s wall clock; it’s the epitome of cool for the modern home – a timepiece that’s a design trendsetter in your kid’s study or bedroom. With its German-manufactured UTS clock movement, it operates silently, creating a serene study space for undistracted academic triumph – say goodbye to relentless ticking and tocking. Thoughtfully designed, it’s proudly made in Melbourne, and because options are the spice of life, it comes in not one, but two sizes.

In a nutshell, the Minimal Clock is a back-to-school essential, one that makes sure every moment counts in your child’s academic journey.


Back-to-school chaos? Not in this shoe storage scene. As the school grind kicks off, having a spot for your kicks becomes a big deal.

The Fold Shoe Rack by Melbourne-based BEN-TOVIM Design steps (get it?)  in, giving shoes a home and sparing everyone from the before-school-morning-shoe-hunt. Tight on space? No worries. This rack is all about efficiency – sturdy folded steel, powder-coated for extra toughness, all without hogging unnecessary space. If it’s “Shoes-off” at home, this rack will make sure everyone follows the golden household rule without fail.

YAMAZAKI Tower Leaning Coat Hanger Rack

As the school year kicks off, having a designated spot for backpacks, jackets, and scarves becomes crucial. The YAMAZAKI Leaning Coat Hanger Rack ensures a clutter-free entry, study, or bedroom. For your design-conscious student facing the perennial issue of limited closet space, this movable rack is a godsend. It turns any open wall into a functional hanging space for coats or clothing.

No more battling with crammed closets; the Leaning Coat Hanger Rack is a solution for keeping school attire off the floor, organised and accessible (and crease-free). It’s sleek profile adds modernity to the study space, creating a tidy zone for learning.

Don’t forget the hangers:

And for those lacking floor space, take things to the wall and opt for a hook (or set of) instead.

Gear up with our selected back-to-school essentials, from the eco-chic SECOND SCOUT Little Agenda to the down-to-earth Putki Recycled Doormat. Embrace the calm chaos with the DESIGNSTUFF Collapsible Crates and ensure every tick is a tock with the sleek Minimal Clock. Tame the shoe madness with the efficient Fold Shoe Rack and keep your study space tip-top with the YAMAZAKI Leaning Coat Hanger Rack. For those low on floor space, check out wall hooks like MOEBE and ferm LIVING x Helena Rohner. For more organisational essentials, shop our Back-To-School edit via the button below.