Have you ever stumbled upon something so beautiful, so perfect, so detailed, it lingers – almost annoyingly – in your mind for days? It could be a pair of shoes you window-shopped on the weekend, or a five star beachside resort you’d kill to stay at. Or it could be something as simple as a bathtub.

Now, being in the business of interiors and what not, we’ve seen many a bathtub in our time. And we think it’s fair to say, not all tubs are created equal. Some shrink off into a shadowy corner of a room, or clash chaotically with the theme of the surrounds. However, there are some truly majestic specimens that can only be described as glorious works of art – works of art that you get to sit and bathe in. We’re here with a selection of those.

What architects and interior designers are doing with the humble tub these days is absolutely A👏STON👏A👏SHING👏. Be it shape, size, material, layout, or location, they’re spoiling our eyes – and for the lucky ones, our homes – with some truly unique, magical, and gorgeous examples. And we know you’re freaking itching to peep a few 👀

We’re shining the spotlight on four very special bathtubs that have been occupying our design-loving minds since the day we saw them – and we’re never kicking them out. These beauties are oozing in design, and they’re ready to ooze their way into your head like a earworm.

Mornington Peninsula House

by Studio Esteta
Photography by Sharyn Cairns

I doubt we need to draw your attention to it, but seriously, THAT VIEW! This is what we like to call a long session tub – the kind where you change the water because it’s gone cold. Hours could – and should – be spent here, candles lit, chilled glass of bubbles in hand, gazing out into the fields.

Balance is what really makes this space shine. The Studio Esteta team have resisted the urge for an all-white space, by introducing a tactile and warm mosaic of broken stone pavers. This grounding element hits us right in the nostalgia, reminding us of a time when such details were all the rage – it’s great to see a comeback.

House Fin

By CJH Studio
Photography by Timothy Kaye

Tiled heaven in the shape of a tub. We’re not sure if this classifies as a bathtub, or a sculptural piece of art – regardless, it’s something you never forget. The tiling work is definitely the hero, and looks to have been executed to perfection – this is coming from me, someone who barely passed cutting and gluing class in kindy 😒

This space is another example of careful balancing, which we’ve all come to expect from CJH Studio. They’ve recognised the showstopper is the tiling work, and have made sure this is what stands out in the room. A neutral colour palette paired with clean architectural lines allow our eyes to quickly zone in on the fine detail surrounding the bathtub – a truly glorious hero piece.

Edinburgh Apartment

By Luke McClelland Design
Photography by ZAC and ZAC

We can’t help but share another tiled haven, this time done a little different. Less contemporary, more cosy and classic, this little workhorse of a tub introduces style to functionality for a space you’d bathe in for hours.

It’s the green tiles that does it for us – such a beautiful deep foresty shade that induces immediate relaxation mode. Through these, Luke McClelland has taken a relatable and unassuming space, and turned it into a gorgeous and luxurious retreat.

Mid Century House

By Chelsea Hing
Photography by Eve Wilson & Rhiannon Taylor

Black and white with a touch of brass, consider our interest piqued. This classic combo is the bread and butter of a luxurious interior, and it’s been put to good use in the Mid Century House bathroom. It’s a display of refined glamour, a subtle kind of design confidence that lets you know the whoever lives here has exquisite taste.

Chelsea Hing has approached the space with a strategy to allow the tub to become the central hero piece of the space. Contrasting the white tub against a black backdrop proves highly effective. And by using a woven-esque tile on a concave wall, the space has depth and steers clear of a flat 2D finish. The touch of brass through the standing tapware and wall sconce is the glamorous cherry on top.