Lillagunga is a Helsinki based brand, completely focused on reinvention. Meaning ‘little swing’ the brand brings modern, simple, and Scandinavian touches to classic wooden products.

We at Designstuff immediately fell in love with Lillagunga not only for its clean and clever design, but also its reimagining of pieces that are due for a bit of an update. The brand started from very humble beginnings, but has now grown its own range with products catering for just about every member of the family, big or small, and it’s all because of a little DIY-build-an-aesthetically-pleasing-swing project.

Meet Anton

Father of two, Anton Stenfors never set out to become the founder of Lillagunga. He simply wanted a quality swing set with a little bit of style, for his boys to grow up with. What started out as a DIY endeavour back in 2010, soon became a business, after discovering this gap in the market was a dilemma parents around the globe were facing.

It was 2013 when Lillagunga was established, and entered the market with a single vision: to update, elevate, and reinvent design classics for the everyday home. The brand went on to win the Interior Design Reporters competition, which acknowledged the brand’s contribution to promoting carefully made design products to suit people’s everyday lives.

With its extensive product portfolio, Lillagunga and Anton have achieved the brands startup goal, and continue to investigate new products to enhance for the modern home and family.

The Classic Swing

According to illustrations on incredibly old painted vases, swings have been in existence since Ancient Greek times. Made from all sorts of materials, like vines, timber, steel, plastic and tires, the humble swing has historically been about practicality over aesthetics.

Lillagunga’s Swing brings a balance between form and function, elevating a classic design into something more contemporary and much better suited to modern spaces. Made of various treated timbers, and reinforced synthetic rope, the swing brings a stylish touch to all manner of homes and interiors.

The Toddler Swing

With seats made of leather or premium fabrics, and featuring a birch or oak timber frame, the Lillagunga Toddler Swing is truly the Rolls Royce of swings.

Made for comfort and safety, popping the youngest of your fam-bam into one of these luxe swings is going to bring all the fun.

The Gym Rings

Help build core strength, balance, and coordination with these fun rings. Not only for qualified and experienced gymnasts, the Lillagunga Gymnastics Rings are suitable for just about any age, with the capacity to hold up to 100kg. Incredible quality and fantastic craftsmanship is responsible for the ring’s load bearing potential, whilst grained timber and woven rope provide the stunningly good looks.

The Bone Trapeze

Shaped like a bone, the latest from the Lillagunga is a new take on the traditional trapeze. Designed to fit in visually with other pieces in the range, it also features the same level of craftsmanship, durability, and safety of the rings and swings.

Though it’s target market is essentially children, the Bone can support up to 90kg of weight. So yes, all you big kids out there can have just as much fun as the little ones. Similar to the rings, the Bone Trapeze assists in the development of strength, balance and coordination.