Here’s the sitch: Your friends are about to become parents, which can only mean one thing: It’s Baby Shower Time. Be it their first venture into parenthood, or they’re weathered veterans, it’s always exciting but what in the design world are you supposed to give them?! You want your gift to be something they’ll ACTUALLY use, right? Babies need clothes don’t they? And toys? Of course! But there’s a million other things they need just as much if not more…

A parent’s point of view

As a parent myself, I remember the tiredness that came with late night feeds and nappy changes. I remember wanting the convenience of not having to coordinate an outfit, instead grabbing a trusty onesie to dress my daughter morning, noon and night in. Practising safe sleeping meant those beautiful soft toys (gifted) got tossed in the corner creating clutter and mess, alongside the piles of clothes (also, gifted) she’d already outgrown by the time she was 11 days old.

While those gifted outfits and the abundance of soft toys were greatly appreciated (they were reminders of how beautiful and wonderful our friends and family were for loving our child before they’d even met her), we also felt wasteful for hiding them away so soon after receiving them because we no longer had use for them. Some still had tags on them!

Having zero idea what to gift came with the territory of being the first of our friends to become parents. Roles reversed, I would have struggled in the gifting game too. Sooooo, after having a baby and thinking back to all our baby shower gifts, the ones we remember most weren’t the cute outfits or the snuggly toys, but the practical items that we used consistently. Some still to this day, 5 years on.

Help THEM get through parenthood

Everyone thinks of what to get the baby when it comes to showers. I mean, fair – it’s in the name. But remember don’t forget the people bringing the baby into the world – they need just as much (arguably more) love and attention. They’re likely feeling as terrified as they are excited about the crazy ride of parenthood, and deserve to be showered during this time as well.

So with that, here are 5 non-clothing or toy (ok, 1 is kind of a toy) related baby shower gifts that your upcoming parents-to-be will thank you for!

DESIGNSTUFF Collapsible Crates

There’s one thing new parents aren’t ready for, and that’s the sheer abundance of ‘stuff’. And for something so tiny, babies sure need need a lot of stuff! The problem here is the speedy accumulation of mess and clutter; a disorganised soup of wet wipes, nappies, toys, medicine… To help hide the hurricane of items, consider gifting the parent’s to be with a something organisational, like the DESIGNSTUFF collapsible crates. Available in a bunch of different sizes, they really are the perfect storage addition to any nursery or playroom to help keep all that ‘stuff’ neat and tidy.

EVA SOLO Ceramic Thermo Mug

Despite being a beautiful bundle of joy, there’s one thing every baby introduces to its home and that’s many a sleepless night alongside a sprinkling of chaos. You know what can help combat those sleepless lights? A nice hot cup of coffee for comfort and warmth. But remember that chaos part? That usually means said coffee’s consumed hours after it’s made, rendering it neither comforting or warm. Help a new mum or dad out by gifting the EVA SOLO Ceramic Thermo Mug. Its double-walled design has coffee staying hotter for longer and a hot coffee = a happy parent!

KONGES SLØJD Bunny Bath Thermometer

One area that’s often overlooked in the baby shower gift department are gifts that promote a baby’s safety and wellbeing. And when you think about it, it’s kind of a no-brainer. You SHOULD be gifting something that’s going to help relieve lingering stress and worry. Consider bath time – it should be splashy and fun, but what if the water is WAY too hot? Gifting the KONGES SLØJD Bunny Bath Thermometer helps remove one of the guessing games associated with bath time by ensuring the water temperature is just right. Added bonus – the cute design doubles as a fun bath toy ready for a hopping adventure!

LIEWOOD Samson Kids Night Light

Babies mean late nights (or early mornings, whichever they choose), where darkness is standard and hazards could be hiding in the shadows. Gifting a night light will provide a soothing touch for baby and a toe-stubbing preventer for parents stumbling through the dark. The portable design and long battery life of the LIEWOOD Samson Night Light means the glow can move where it’s needed most – from bed, to change table, to holiday destination, and back again. The cute bear design also brings a touch of whimsy to the nursery, and future big kid room, for décor that doubles with practicality.

DONE BY DEER Activity Play Gym

After a few weeks into the game, new parents are likely to be craving a much-needed break – and we’ve got just the gift to help. The DONE BY DEER Activity Play Gym is like giving bub their own adventure station; the perfect unit to keep young minds entertained, their imaginations sparked, and their senses stimulated. Plus, when baby’s on the move, it’s the perfect distraction for keeping them stationary long enough to pull the old switcheroo from dirty nappy to clean before they clue on and make their escape!

We’ve barely scratched the surface

Hopefully we’ve put you on right track towards baby shower gifts that provide more long term use than a soft toy or piece of clothing. You’ll find plenty more baby shower gift ideas in our curated category of baby shower gifts. When finding that perfect gift, remember to give as much thought to what mums and dads may need, as well as the baby.