Confession time: we’re a curious bunch. The allure of peeking into the lives of creative minds, unravelling their inspirations, and discovering the objects that fuel their imagination is simply irresistible. So, we went and gathered a group of four passionate creatives – stylists, architects, photographers, and designers – and delved deep into their shopping carts, eager to uncover the prized possessions they couldn’t resist.

Feeling curious? Then join us on this captivating journey as we satiate that curiosity and reveal exactly What’s In A Creative’s Designstuff Shopping Cart.

Homes By Ivy | AYTM Angui Bench

Meet Ivy, the most positive bundle of energy and talent you’ll meet in the biz. Her passion is creating thoughtfully designed homes that bring joy to its occupants. Homes to be loved by multiple generations, and contribute to the built environment, without costing the earth.

What did we uncover in her cart? The AYTM Angui Bench, a curvy beauty with comfort to boot. Here’s what Ivy had to say about this stunning piece:

I believe that every element of space should be functional and beautiful. The Angui bench caught my eye (#addtocart!) because of its minimalist design and elegant curves. It fits perfectly with The Bonny House’s aesthetic!

The tone-on-tone palette is just divine. The neutral colours and materials make it easy to style anywhere in my neutral-haven home. But I know it can easily be paired with bold accents or kept in a monochromatic scheme.

Its sleek design and versatility mean it’s a piece I use in all my future projects too! The comfortable seat and sturdy pipe-style frame make it perfect for taking a quick break or putting on shoes so I’ll be styling this at end of my bed.

Rebecca Jansma | FRAMA Rivet Box

Rebecca Jansma, of Space Grace & Style, is a true wonder, with a mind overflowing with the most boundary-pushing creative ideas. This mighty interior designer has over 10 years experience and is known for effortlessly combining crisp, clean architecture with thoughtful, detailed and tightly resolved interior solutions. We adore her passion for natural materials, and love seeing how she employs them to bring inherent beauty and authenticity to the spaces she creates.

And what did we spy in her shopping cart? The FRAMA Rivet Box Side Table, no less. Industrial and architectural, this is what made Rebecca pop it in her ever-stylish basket:

Ever since I saw this in the Designstuff showroom over a year ago, I’ve been quietly obsessed with the FRAMA Rivet Box Table… this bad boy ticks all my very particular boxes for being the absolutely 100% perfect answer to all the storage/occasional furniture needs you never knew you had.

What I love most about it is the “simple complexity” that I’m always looking for in design pieces and seeking to resolve in my design practice. The table’s aluminium construction with deliberately obvious joins, and sturdy look speak to simpler times of pieces built by hand from elemental and uncontrived materials. It has a rugged feel, but at the same time an elegance that I could easily place in either a rustic interior or a refined and sophisticated city pad.

In typical Scandinavian sensibility, the excess has been stripped back and we are left with pure materiality and function. The Rivet Box Table is my go-to for a bedside table where size matters; and similarly for side tables in offices, living rooms etc where you want a combo of book/magazine storage and something to pop a coffee or Champagne (are there other beverages?) on. I’ve also toyed with the idea of stacking them horizontally, maybe even in a brick bond pattern as a bookcase/room divide… possibilities are endless.

Lillie Thompson | FRAMA Rivet Case

Lillie Thompson knows how to take a photo, and she knows how to take them well. Her eye is like no other, and hones in on unique composition and beauty that many would simply miss. Lillie’s incredible captures have been featured in the likes of Vogue Living, Wallpaper*, Surface Magazine and Dezeen. She’s also run a few photoshoots for us at Designstuff ;).

So what would you expect to find in this photographer’s shopping cart? The FRAMA Rivet Case. This oversized sensation is the definition of everything FRAMA does, and here’s what Lillie had to say on the incredible piece:

**Adds The FRAMA Rivet Case to cart** 

This piece is a truly satisfying blend of beauty and functionality that seamlessly merges traditional furniture craftsmanship with modern industrial production, resulting in a versatile and timeless work of art. Whether arranged vertically or horizontally, it can be used as a table, storage unit or display shelves.

Crafted using a combination of laser cutting and hand-crafting techniques, this range of furniture is truly unique, with each piece bearing its own individuality and personal touch.

The Rivet Case is not only practical but also a celebration of the pure and natural beauty of aluminium, left untreated to preserve its raw honesty and purity. As time passes, the material will develop a patina, adding to the organic and rustic feel of this modern piece. It’s the perfect understated accent piece for any space.

Adam Kane | FRAMA Triangolo Chair

We’ve been BIG fans of Adam for quite some years now. There’s just something about the work his studio creates that keep us coming back for more. Minimal and monolithic, yet always warm and inviting, each Adam Kane project is a mastery of materiality, detail, and livability.

So when we went diving in Adam’s cart, it came as no surprise to discover the FRAMA Triangolo Chair. Here’s what he had to say about this geometric marvel:

You walk into a room, and there it is, the FRAMA Triangolo Chair, commanding attention with its sleek and sculptural design. What makes this chair stand out is its ability to effortlessly blend form and function in a conversation-starting way.

The chair’s clean lines and simple geometric shapes create an aesthetic that is both progressive and timeless. The triangular panel that forms the seat is a striking architectural element, carefully crafted to provide visual interest and structural integrity. It’s a piece that doesn’t shy away from making a bold and brilliant statement.

But it’s not just about looks. The Triangolo Chair is a prime example of functionality. Made from solid steel, it’s built to last. Despite its industrial vibe, the chair remains surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to move around and adapt to different settings. Whether you’re using it as a desk chair or as a standalone design piece, it adds a contemporary touch to any space.

What sets this chair apart is its ability to capture the essence of balance. It combines the raw simplicity of elementary forms with a sense of visual equilibrium. It’s a harmonious marriage of style and substance, making it more than just a piece of furniture – it’s a work of art.