You all know we have over 3000 designs, products, pieces, items (you pick), stocked at Designstuff, right? And nobody knows each of those designs, products, pieces, items (you pick) better than our very own Casey – a digital merchandising star plus graphic designer plus interior designer plus general legend.

She also makes a great cup of tea.

So with Black Friday literally just around the corner, we thought we’d check out what’s been lingering on Casey’s digital wishlist, and gone on to take prime position in her Designstuff shopping cart.

Ready to go snooping? Heck yeah!

Soap Dispenser Holder


Casey: It’s official, I’m addicted. Who would have thought such a small piece of design could bring so much functionality to my day-to-day? The soap dispenser holder definitely a household game changer. So it goes without question, I’ll be snagging a few more of these ASAP to have set up around the house to become a home for soaps, moisturisers, dishwashing and laundry detergent, and even sunscreen.

Ceramic Centrepiece


Casey: So I may have a growing ceramic and decor addiction, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t? because I’m always adding to my growing collection, I thought it about time to take home this ferm LIVING beauty. I love how it’s irregular and organic, but is crafted in a structured fashion – the best of both worlds.

And yes, I’ll be using it as a fruit bowl.


Knitting Chair


Casey: All I’m going to say is:
1. This is the dreamiest chair I’ve ever seen.
2. This is the dreamiest chair I’ve ever sat on.
3. This is the dreamiest chair you’ll ever see.
4. This is the dreamiest chair you’ll ever sit on.

Green Coat by La Poire


Casey: A newbie that I can’t take my eyes off of and is therefore going to be gracing my home is this POSTER & FRAME print: Green Coat by artist and graphic designer, La Poire. The line work is extraordinary, but so is the palette of greens, pinks, and reds, with the tiniest (most gorgeous) pop of blue.

ferm LIVING Ripple Glasses Smoked Grey (Set of 4)-28531

Ripple Carafe Set


Casey: Undoubtedly a Designstuff classic and an essential in every home and office, it’s the ferm LIVING Ripple Carafe Set. Whether it be sat on a nightstand, console, work desk, or coffee table, this handy two-piece carafe set (the lid also functions as a small cup) promises to keep you well hydrated all hours of the day.