Welcome to our ongoing series, where we guide you through a bunch of design words you may hear in the world of interiors, but not quite understand. We’re not throwing out dictionary definitions here, this ain’t no lecture. We’re keeping it chill and light-hearted, and we’re moving on to the letter D.


We make absolutely zero attempt to hide the fact that we love drapes curtains. We think they’re gorgeous, captivating, and totally divine. But are they the same thing? Not really, but we’d forgive you for thinking yes. They’re similar.

Drapes tend to be a bid more hardcore than the curtain. By hardcore we mean they’re usually a little more solid, constructed from a thicker fabric, often lined, and will generally shut out a bit more light. But, similar to curtains, they’re graceful, fabric-y, loose, and when done right, super luxe.

Dining Room

This is going to be much less a definition, than us just sounding off about our love for dining rooms. Because really, we’re pretty sure you know what one is. So here is our ode to dining rooms.

If you ask us, we’d say the dining room is probably one of the more important spaces in the home, because we love to eat. There, said it. It’s out for all to see, sorry not sorry. Traditionally the dining room was a separate space from the kitchen and a touch formal. However these days we often see the two areas combined, occasionally the lounge room too, into a more open-plan situation.

Your place might have both, something informal, something formal. Quite frankly, we don’t care, as long as the food is good and the drinks are flowing.

Day Bed

So just when you didn’t think it could get any better than the chaise lounge, here comes one of our favourite furniture pieces, the day bed. Professional sleepers and late risers rejoice for here is the ultimate excuse to sloth about the place in pure relaxation mode.

The day bed brings an adult approach to staying in bed. Technically, if you’re lazing about on one of these, you’re already out of bed. You’ve also officially left the bedroom (assuming you haven’t popped your daybed in your bedroom) and are, in our opinion, getting on with the day.

The true strength of a day bed is its versatility. Unexpected guests? They get to sleep on the day bed. Need extra R&R space? Styled up with a few extra cushions, and it’s now a sofa. In the doghouse? Off you trot to the day bed. What a wonderful piece of furniture.