It’s time to head International with this dose of pure inspo. We’ve discovered three gorgeous homes, from Brazil, Poland, and Thailand, featuring all our favourite things – clever design, considered interiors, and even an indoor tree. So sit back and prepare for nothing but inspiration, with thanks to Pedro Haruf, Agnieszka Owsiany, and Anonym Studio.

How plush does that leather armchair (more pics below) look? The perfect spot for an afternoon nap if you ask us. We’re also loving the connection between the tile grout and cabinetry. It’s a clever and well considered design moment.
Statement art at the dining table has our hearts racing!

This is the first time we’ve seen a piece of furniture like this. Is it a sideboard? Is it an oversized and very elaborate floor vase? Let us know what you think!

There’s something about this shot that’s really working for us. We think it might be that beautiful pendant hanging over the dining table – what a visual treat for us all!

Mirror mirror on the wall, we’re obsessed with you and can’t think of a rhyme to finish this line…

Oh hello there doggo poking your head through the window. You’re as beautiful as the home you live in!
This rocking chair is going on our Christmas/Birthday/Random-celebratory-event Wishlist, incase you’re ever looking to buy us something cute!

Images 1 – 6: Promenade Apartment by Pedro Haruf, Photography by Dentro Fotografia.
Images 7 – 13: Botaniczna Apartment by Agnieszka Owsiany, Photography by Pion Studio, Art in Kitchen by Tomek Opaliński.
Images 14 – 18: Baan 9/61 by Anonym Studio, Photography by Dof Skyground, Rocking Chair and Daybed by Rex Krajl.