Hey there design lover. That craving for a bite of interior inspiration you’ve been feeling, we’re here to fix it. Prepare to get those creative juices flowing as we share a delicious assortment of homes and spaces by Luigi Roselli Architects, C Kairouz Architects, and Ancerl Studios.

So ready, set, go sink your teeth into this yumminess!


by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Interior Design by Alwill Interiors
Build by Cumberland Building
Photography by Prue Ruscoe

A home built on a 45 degree slope. You wouldn’t think it possible, by Luigi Rosselli Architects took on the challenge.

And boy oh boy did they succeed!

This mansion of a home, located in the seaside suburbs of Sydney, is an example of timeless design through materiality, and the importance of careful furniture curation. This home is basically a gallery of interesting and whimsical curiousities.

U House

by C. Kairouz Architecture

Build by JRC Builders
Photography by Tatjana Plitt

U House is a home that takes a contemporary approach to design, but doesn’t follow the standard ‘modern home template’ that has us absolutely bored to tears. Finishes are sleek, materiality is inviting and honest, and the styling is minimalist yet homely.


When’s happy hour?

Botfield Residence

by Ancerl Studio

Build by MAIA Legacy Builders
Photography by Kimberly Czornodolskyj

SERIOUS FARM HOUSE ENERGY HERE, but with a twist. A HUGE luxurious twist. Ancerl studio have transformed this home into something truly spectacular, which features the most incredibly cathedral ceilings and exposed wooden beams. We’re also drooling super hard over those black framed windows that tie in so beautifully with the darker furniture moments, it’s all about those considered details.