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Barkly Basics

Created by Melbourne molecular biologist, Dr. Natasha Malkov, BARKLY BASICS was born to address a gap in the market for simple yet stylish dish sponges. Indulging her appetite for creativity, Natasha embarked on a journey to design, develop and produce a range of products to help fill this gap. Using her sense of style, coupled with her background in science, the resulting range is both innovative and beautiful. By incorporating a simple monochromatic palette, and utilising a selection of natural materials, the BARKLY BASICS range expertly combines aesthetics and functionality to create a kitchen product you’ll actually want on display.

The BARKLY BASICS range embraces the Scandinavian design rationale perfectly, with an aim to simplify life’s choices. There’s a unique uniformity to each product, which allows for easy styling with very little fuss or thought required. Pairing harmoniously within a range of kitchen settings and styles, the BARKLY BASICS range is the finishing touch your space has longed for.

The range conveniently boasts a stylish product for most aspects of kitchen related cleaning tasks. No longer will you need to stare at that bright green sponge clashing chaotically against the beautiful white subway tiles you chose for your kitchen renovation. Or that ghastly bottle of dishwashing detergent sitting atop your new marble bench-top you had installed last month. BARKLY BASICS will help bring harmony and an overall sense of completion to your kitchen.

Affordable, functional and stylish these everyday products make common household duties a newly appreciated pleasure. With a subtle touch of luxury, your kitchen will never look the same again. Our team is heralding this range as "the best" sponges and dish wash we've ever used! Discover what all the fuss is about today...

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