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Shop H. Skjalm P. of Denmark - the epitome of high quality Scandinavian design. Founded by Mr. Hagbarth Skjalm Petersen nearly 60 years ago, the Danish decor brand H. Skjalm P. has grown into an extremely well reputed Danish design company. Mr. Hagbarth Skjalm Petersen was a personality, who liked to follow his own ideas. Every six months H. Skjalm P. presents a new collection of products featuring the latest international trends but always keeping in mind their founder´s philosophy - Create articles of innovative design, formed of high quality natural materials whilst always preserving the Scandinavian look. Mr. Skjalm´s attitude was, that in the development of new products there should always be a lead motive, while at the same time the focus was on new creations beyond the ordinary. Thus, he was often one of the first to introduce new colours, forms or graphic expressions. Since 1995 Mr. Skjalm´s widow, Lisbeth Westergaard, has continued running the company in his spirit.

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