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The name LEPAAR is a mix of French and German and basically translates to “The Pair” – A direct reference to the incredible husband and wife team, behind this new Australian lifestyle brand. Opposed to today’s throwaway culture, Johanna and Christo Everingham want to create designs of exceptional quality, function and beauty. The Lepaar signature design, The GardenLust Hoses are made from agricultural-grade rubber and solid brass fittings. The fittings have been specially and permanently crimped onto the hoses, so that they won't burst off. Like everything Christo and Johanna do, these beautifully designed hoses are made to last a very long time. Lepaar’s world-class design makes this hose malleable for easy handling but also super strong to withstand the notorious Australian sun. The hoses come in 2 classic and beautiful colours, with elegant solid brass fittings and a solid brass wall hook. The brass is crafted by a Sydney coppersmith, who is an official supplier of precious metal goods to Buckingham Palace. The superb brass nozzle is a joy to use, with variable range and spray that is easily controlled with just one hand. Permanent vertical crimping ensures the hose never bursts off, so you can always enjoy your watering at maximum pressure. The universal tap connectors and nozzles are easy to use click-on fittings. Designstuff is proud to support Lepaar who actively support Australian manufacturing, with all their world-class designs made right here in Australia. LEPAAR is for those who seek exceptional quality …and we are for Lepaar. Shop the LEPAAR Collection at Designstuff today.

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