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Mrs Mighetto

A spectacular launch, followed by enduring artistic success - Swedish art brand "Mrs Mighetto” was created by design duo, Malin Mighetto and Anna Sylvan. The first collection launched in October 2014, sold out in less than two weeks! Each beloved character has their own name and magical personality that inspires the beautiful watercolours that Anna and Malin create. For the Stockholm-based artists, it was love at first sight. Anna said at the time "This must be seen by the world.” And so water was mixed with colour and ideas became reality. Beloved characters got their names and magical personalities, illustrations became framed paintings and proofing went into the highest quality art prints - And the worldwide phenomenon that is Mrs Mighetto was born. Suitable for kids and grown ups, each Limited Edition print is made from an original watercolour painting brimming with history, fantasy and mystery. Today the Mrs Mighetto Collection is sold in more than 20 countries and 150 stores worldwide. Each poster collection is strictly Limited Edition and when they sell out, they are never re-printed. Designstuff are incredibly excited to present you the new Mrs Mighetto collection for 2018 - Land Of Birds. It’s here, you’ll meet Mr Simon, Dear Whalie, Miss Olivia, Miss Annie, Mini Bird Master, Miss Sofia and Tiny Toffle.

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