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Numero 74

Numero 74 is an Italian brand that was founded by two cousins, Poupy Sfez & Nancy Fanton. After launching in 2009, the brand drew attention with their conceptual range of beautiful textiles and vintage furniture for kids, and has continued to develop and grow with each new collection.

Numero 74’s inhouse design team, consisting of Nadia, Kathy and Poupy, choose not to follow a specific set of rules in their design process. They also avoid creating simply for the market and choose to design pieces that simply feel like a good product to create. The team also avoid setting strict deadlines when it comes to completing collections. Products can be launched within months of conceptualisation or up to 2 years to ensure perfection. Each piece takes simplicity, accessibility, consciousness and usability into account, but most importantly aims to inspire dreams and boost imagination.

Inspiration is drawn from a range of sources, including their childhood memories or observing kids from other cultures and their way of life. They may find inspiration whilst examining an existing product and devising ways to improve and simplify it, or whilst reediting a vintage piece from the 60’s or 70’s. Everything created is based on their timeless aesthetic and value, with a complete disregard for passing trends and seasonal collections. All pieces are timeless basic items.

Numero 74 are a truly global brand, with much of their manufacturing taking place in Thailand, by skilled artisans of a women’s cooperative. Poupy met their production manager, Manop, in Thailand prior to the birth of Numero 74. His wisdom and trustful nature made him a perfect candidate to work with.

And at the heart of Numero 74 is their desire to appeal to children, as much as to their parents, to keep childhood dreams alive, to add a little poetry and beauty to a child’s life, and to let their imagination run wild free. Rediscover you inner child today with Numero 74…

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