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Stelton stands for surprising, innovative and high-quality Scandinavian design. Their vision is to be the most innovative, trend setting design house in all of Scandinavia.

Stellan and Carton were two friends who merged their first names and successfully formed one of Denmark's most successful businesses 50 years ago. The duo teamed up with a small factory in Denmark, called Danish Stainless.

Danish Stainless produced stainless steel tableware, which was popular in Vogue in Denmark during the 1960s. In the United States, during this time, Stelton products were the epitome of Danish Design and sold at ten times their Danish price in high-end department stores and design boutiques.

The friends soon after managed to convince Arne Jacobsen to design a new range for Stelton. The brief was to create a tea and coffee service, as well as bowls, an ice bucket and pitchers for the dining table and bar - all in stainless steel. Stelton launched the Arne Jacobsen range three years later as the Cylinda-Line. The new range immediately made headlines as a major innovation within its category. The simplicity of cylindrical shapes and specially designed plastic handles characterised the line which, along with its brushed steel surfaces, stood in striking contrast to the highly polished curves of its day. Cylinda-Line was awarded the ID Prize in 1967 and is until this day still as popular.


We have selected a range of high-quality Scandinavian home decor designs from Stelton. View our range above.

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