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HUNTER LAB SPF50 Facial Sunscreen


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A lightweight, non-greasy facial sunscreen, crafted with naturally derived zinc oxide for UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection, and Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to soothe and nourish. Presented as a convenient roll-on balm, ideal for travelling, offering smooth and easy application resulting in a satin-matte finish with 2 hours water resistance.

✔︎ Offers SPF50+ protection, acts as a primer under makeup, is cruelty free and is suitable for all skin types
✔︎ UVA/UVB broad spectrum sun protection offering the highest sun protection currently available
✔︎ Protects against UV-damage whilst nourishing and soothing skin with all-natural ingredients
✔︎ Has a cashmere-like feel and gives skin a smooth, radiant finish
✔︎ Ideal to use every day of the year due to its lightweight, breathable texture

Hunter Lab

Hunter Lab is focused on encouraging our brethren into healthier, astute living through the development of a methodical, effortless daily skincare routine utilising these highly effective and addictive super natural skincare tools. The skincare tools were fashioned out of a frustration with the current uninspired, chemical-intensive, repackaged-feminine products which pervade today’s male ski... View more Hunter Lab
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