Kitchen Essentials 01

At the heart of every home lies the kitchen—a place where creativity blooms, self-care finds its rhythm, and cherished moments with loved ones unfold.

Surrounded by dramatic surf beaches, golden sandy bays, and lush vineyards, the collection was shot at Red Hill House on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

Crafted with kitchen enthusiasts and design devotees in mind, we’ve drawn inspiration from the serenity of nature, embracing clean lines, contemporary palettes, and tranquillity in design. Each piece harmoniously combines form and function, staying true to our roots and unwavering passion for Nordic Design Principles.

Sink Sponge Holder | Bamboo Fibre and Cellulose Sponge, Set of 2

Eco Dishbrush | Dish Drainer, Set of 2

Red Hill house revels in calm, surrounded by rustling trees and the rugged beauty of raw rock formations. The interiors reflects the home’s surrounds, an inspiration of glazed tiles, grained timber, and spaciousness, evoking a sense of loftiness and calm.

Bottle Brush

Welcome to our DESIGNSTUFF Kitchen Essentials collection, a perfect match for the heart of your home. Our inspiration? Nature’s serenity, clean lines, modern colors, and a focus on tranquility in design.

We’ve created each piece with kitchen enthusiasts and design lovers like you in mind. These essentials seamlessly blend form and function while honoring our deep passion for Nordic Design Principles.

Explore our Kitchen Essentials collection now. Your design story starts here.