An ode to vitality, sæbe by DESIGNSTUFF brings a ritualistic touch to cleansing routines, restoring spirit through a harmonious infusion of nature.

A peaceful spot for quiet contemplation, the collection was captured at the idyllic Ross Farm located in the picturesque township of Meeniyan, Victoria.

Each product in the collection embodies the essence of calm, turning every lather into a moment of pause, a mindful step in the pursuit of solace.

We formulated sæbe to go beyond the standard cleansing experience; it’s a gentle sanctuary for the senses, encapsulating the soothing power of nature in every drop.

Dish Wash | Dish Wash Refill

sæbe is an immersive sensory experience, and features standout products like the Lemon Myrtle & Petitgrain Dish Wash and the invigorating Bergamot & Grapefruit Hand Wash.

The dishwash excels against grease, leaving dishes sparkling and fragrant. The handwash, enriched with Grapefruit and Bergamot, offers a refreshing and revitalising cleanse.

Hand Wash

Ross Farm is the embodiment of tranquility in contemplation. Its bushland views are illuminated by natural light, complemented by a gentle breeze flowing through generously-sized windows. The synthesis of natural materials and textures, coupled with the subtle scent of timber, creates a quiet space for relaxation and self-discovery.

Cleanse Box

Introducing sæbe by DESIGNSTUFF, a cleansing range inspired by Scandinavian Sauna culture, capturing the essence of calm and infusing mindfulness into daily routines and rituals.

The diverse offerings within the collection have been tailored to meet varied preferences. Our commitment to quality extends to each variation, delivering a consistently exceptional experience that aligns with a philosophy of mindful cleansing through the embrace of nature’s essence.

Discover the perfect fit for your cleansing routine with sæbe. Your design story starts here.