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TOOLETRIES The Oliver Shower Mirror


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The Oliver shower mirror by Tooletries.

✔︎ The poly-carbonate shatterproof mirror ensures durability
✔︎ Instantly sticks without screws, suction cups or adhesives
✔︎ Use as a shaving mirror to save time and the clean up
✔︎ The patented silicone compound grips to shiny surfaces like glass, marble and metal tiles
✔︎ Never loses its grips, no matter how many times it's been moved
✔︎ Designed to fit neatly above or beside the Toothbrush Holder or the Razor Holder.
✔︎ Measures 6.5 x 5.5 inches


TOOLETRIES makes storage solutions for men's grooming products and streamlines the process and organizing the tools men need for their grooming rituals. We believe bathrooms should be man's sanctuary. A place of calm and serenity.... View more Tooletries
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