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ZONE DENMARK 100% Cotton Knitted Dish Cloth Set of 3 Warm Grey

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What is more natural than choosing Nature itself? These Zone Denmark knitted dish cloths and kitchen towels in 100% cotton are all soft, practical, strong and without any trace of chemicals and microplastics. They could just as well be home made.

✔︎ Size: 27 x 27cm
✔︎ Material: 100% cotton
✔︎ Large absorption capacity
✔︎ Do not contain chemicals or micro-plastics
✔︎ Environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cloths.

Zone Denmark

ZONE DENMARK makes a statement that leaves you in no doubt. Zone Denmark interprets evolving trends, using strong and clear design DNA to create functional designs for everyone. Expressed in a soft and minimalistic design language, their designs embrace new ideas, innovative solutions and exquisite materials. Their purpose is to challenge convention, inspire curiosity and create beauty. Desi... View more Zone Denmark
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