If you’re one of those last minute gifters, and the Christmas stress is starting to hit, don’t fret. Scroll down for four REALLY EASY gift ideas to impress even the most difficult of giftees!

Not that you need reminding, but you’re kinda running out of time to get your Christmas and holiday gifting finalised. We know you like to live on the edge, but this leaving it to the 11th hour is starting to trigger our anxiety.

So help us out, by letting us help you out, and take a quick look at these four last minute gift ideas. We promise they’re not crap, and don’t involve any arts or crafts (but totes get crafty if that’s your thang). They may be obvious, or they might just trigger that little bit of inspo to get all your last minute gifting done and dusted!

A Designstuff Gift Card

Gift cards may have racked up a bit of a poor reputation. But when they’re as beautiful as ours (like, not to brag or anything…) they’re anything but a cop out. They’re the gift of choice, allowing the lucky recipient to put a dollar value towards something special and beautiful from our curated range of homewares, furniture, lighting, decor, etcetera.

And if time is REALLY of the essence, we can send a digital version to your special someone either immediately, or at a time set by you. It really is a thoughtlessly thoughtful gift/gesture.

Baked Goods

Bakers and non-bakers listen up. If you’re headed to a Christmas partaytay, and you’ve got literally nothing to gift your gracious host/s, never fear, baked goods are here.

Pro-Home Bakers, start your engines, and whip up a last minute batch of cookies or cakes, served up on a nice plate – here’s a delish choccie chip cookie recipe from Precious Core.

Non-bakers and Home Ec dropouts, get to your nearest Coles or Woolies, grab a butt-load of their sugar-filled baked treats, tip them into a festive bag, wrap it up with a ribbon, and you’re done. Merry Christmas in minutes.


Fresh from the garden, or an arranged bunch from your local florists, flowers aren’t just for romantic holidays, commiserations, or affectionate gestures. They can absolutely snag you brownie points from literally anyone, and we’re advocating for their increased distribution during this festive season.

If you want to get extra Chrimstas-y, go with a tokenistic red and green palette. If you cbs, literally any blooms will do. Pair the arrangement up with a nice vase or vessel (courtesy of us) for that extra special touch, and enjoy the kudos!

A Subscription Service

Who wouldn’t want a few months of Netflix paid for by a mate? Same goes for Spotify, Skillshare, or Hello Fresh. It’s the gift that continues to give, and keep you at the top of your recipient’s mind with each delivery or use.

There are literally subscription services for anything, which means there’s something suitable for everyone: meditation and wellness, cheese boxes, fragrances, stylists, plants… the list is endless. We found a fantastic summary, over at the INSIDER blog – go check it out, and report back with any interesting subscription finds!