It’s time to face the music – we’re all a little addicted to Instagram (and some of us are a lot addicted.) And that’s not such a bad thing, especially for the design obsessed. It’s an endless resource for inspiration hunters, one filled with rule breakers, trend setters, D.I.Y innovators, and experimenters.

But there’s just so much! Perhaps too much.

And that makes it really easy to fall victim to hours of death scrolling and a growing sense of media numbness. If that sounds like you, perhaps it’s time to curate your feed – cut the fat and focus on the juicy meaty content to keep your mind inspired.

Below you’ll find 5 accounts that are absolutely worth flagging as a favourite. The list features a healthy interior-centric mix of minimalism, more is more, D.I.Y, thrifty finds, and of course, drop-dead gorgeous interiors. Oh, and we’re going to assume you’re already following us (if you’re not, please reconsider).


Thrifty. Minimalist. Curated.

Once a Belgian interior designer, now a photographer, Pieter Peulen’s account is dedicated to honouring and highlighting gentle moments throughout their home. The magic is a) realising many of the stunning vintage furniture pieces on show are flea market finds, and b) appreciating how each room has been meticulously curated. This account is a masterpiece, and a great lesson on how to create a tailored and considered space.


Design Objects. Architecture. Exploration.

You can immediately appreciate the amount of work that has gone into creating the Softer Volumes feed. Every single post is a true delight, and somewhat of an invitation to explore more of what this account has to offer. Softer Volumes features a beautiful variety of content, from crafted objects to far off design destinations and everything in-between, and never fails to deliver on the inspiration.


Architecture. Australiana. Interiors.

Est Living are 100% true to their profile – they never fail to serve up some seriously unforgettable spaces & inspired design. We like to describe their feed as pure interior porn – it’s filled with aspirational spaces, projects, and endeavours – with a curated emphasis on a rich Australiana vibe (think warm materials, cool marbles, clear connection to the landscape).


Experimental. Curated. Unexpected

We hope your eyeballs are ready, because they’re in for a serious tread. The m.a.r.c.c.o.s.t.a account, simply put, is nothing short of breathtaking. It’s an account that features a tightly curated selection of projects, homes, and spaces that refuse to follow convention. Rule bending (more like breaking) is thrown at you from every post, with the aim to encourage outside-the-box thinking.


Eclectic. DIY. Imaginative.

If your thing/s include more-is-more, unapologetic fun, and an explosion of colour and pattern, then Wally Parton is a definitely must-follow. Big on TikTok and snowballing on Instagram, the page is run by two creative Melbourne locals, Jemma and Trent. A quick scroll through their feed, and you’re immediately greeted by a mix of crafty DIY tutorials, maximalist styling, and a refreshing take on contemporary interior design; the makings of a superb Insta Account.