Blogs are often the first port of call when you’re looking to learn, feel inspired, or keep up with the goings-on of the interior industry. Filled with imagery, advice, and news, they’re a fantastic resource, that’s merely a few clicks away. But with so many sources to choose from, which ones are worth your attention?

Whether the day calls for a bit of procrastination, or the inspiration tanks are running dry, there’s always time for a good design blog. The world/internet is truly your oyster, with a wealth of online zines, blogs, and sites at your fingertips just waiting to be discovered. But with choice comes dilemma: Who’s worth following? Where should I dump all my down-time? Am I seeing the best of the best? Enter us – we’re sharing five of our favourite design-centric blogs and sites, to keep you inspired and updated on the world of design. So buckle up, throw away today’s to-do list, and get ready to deep dive into our top 5.

The Design Files

Heralded as “Australia’s Most Popular Design Blog”, The Design Files is a bit of an institution. Founded in 2008 by stylist, Lucy Feagins, the site is known for beautiful photography, discovering fresh and exciting talent, and being on top of Australia’s creative post. Covering just about every topic under the design sun, you’ll find articles and stories showcasing the latest in architecture, interior design, craft, art, gardens, food… endless. The Design Files is definitely a first port of call when seeking interior inspiration.

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In their own words, Est is a ‘little black book’ for design enthusiasts around the world. Consider it a bit of a guide to creating your ultimate sanctuary – Est takes you by the hand, walks you through all manner of homes and interiors, highlights the hero pieces, and points you in the direction of lovely store that sells it. Does it get any easier? The projects Est shares are nothing short of breathtaking, and are guaranteed to have you feeling inspired, ready to tackle your next make-over project.

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The Spaces

If you’re passionate about interior spaces that extend beyond residential projects, this site is definitely worth a visit. Featuring a diverse range of articles about projects in the realms of commercial, hospitality, retail, and residential (of course), the online publication encourages you, the reader, to look at your surrounding space in a different way. The Spaces likes to feature that which is boundary pushing, examples that are changing the way we live our lives and interact with our built environment. You’ll find plenty here to ignite the inspirational fire within.

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Design Hotels

This gallery-rich site offers a curation of the very best independent design-driven hotels from across the globe. Design Hotels is for the travel obsessed and the art appreciator, combining a sense of wanderlust with culture and craft. Some serious design goes into every project featured on the site, and most of the hotels present rooms that feel more like a home, than a place of temporary accomodation. You’ll find plenty of styling and furnishing ideas, and if you’re up for it, you can even book a room directly through the site.

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For the lovers of white space, clean design, and a step away from the superfluous, Minimalissimo is a godsend. Presenting as a digital magazine, the site seeks out and curates the very best of minimalist design across architecture, interiors, and product design. Their articles provide a meaningful and rich insight into the processes and thought patterns associated with each project, whilst providing beautifully captured images to support. If you’ve been looking for a source dedicated to the “less is more” approach, you’ve found it here in Minimalissimo.

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