Let’s be honest, we all appreciate the joy good food and drink brings. Whether you’re enjoying a meal with family, friends, or simply on your own, why not turn it into a bit of an occasion?

So when it comes to your own dining collection, why not invest in beautifully designed tableware to cherish forever? Made from quality materials, these pieces elevate any dining moment into something special and memorable.

There are so many brands out there offering all manner of gorgeous pieces to style and decorate your tabletop, but which ones are doing it well from a quality, aesthetic, and environmental point of view. We’ve picked five of our favourites that each bring something unique and beautiful to the… table.

Lind DNA

Known For: Leather Placemats & Coasters

An iconic name, with a reputation for the best placemats and coasters in the biz. Their sustainable tabletop products are crafted with OEKO-TEX certified recycled leather, which itself is made from left overs from the fashion and furniture industry.

Preben Lind, founder, owner, and designer of Lind DNA, likes to keep things simple at the brand, with refinement as an important step in the design process. Minimalism and functionality is paramount, with sustainability underpinning the direction the company takes.

You’ll love their ‘Curve’ collection for its flowy, organic silhouette – a chic and stylish addition to any setting.

Zone Denmark

Known For: Most recently, their Chic Barware (and fab bathroom pieces too!)

So Zone Denmark has really made a reputation for itself with its Nova One and Ume bathroom collections. And you’d be forgiven for thinking that’s all they do. But we’re about to blast a hole in that myth – Zone Denmark do SO much more!

They’re now looking to jazz up your bar, with their new “Rocks” collection. Featuring sleek, stainless steel tools and accessories, the range brings a sophisticated, mid-century vibe to bar cabinets and trolleys alike.

Oh, their Icemaker is a thing of pure genius, be sure to check it out!


Known For: Contemporary Cutlery Sets

A special set of cutlery has the power to turn an ordinary dining experience into something truly spectacular. And it doesn’t get more special than the range of minimal cutlery sets from Aussie brand, Krof. Designed by product designer, Nicholas Johnston, and restauranteur, Kristian Klein, their No.1 collection features delicate silhouettes and ergonomic details.

It’s these details that set Krof apart from other cutlery brands. Klein and Johnston have considered all manner of dining habits when designing the range. From figuring out the perfect number of fork tines for twirling spaghetti, to how many serrations are required to easily slice through a sourdough’s crust, every minute detail has been considered in the brand’s design process.

Sold in 24pc sets (6 settings), the range is available in brushed silver, matte black, and brushed brass.

Ferm Living

Known For: Rippled Glassware

It wouldn’t be a dining edit without at least mentioning Ferm Living. Their ‘Ripple’ glassware is a statement-making collection featuring, you guessed it, ripple-textured glass. Visually stunning in any and all settings, the range is also practical and comfortable to use.

Our favourite feature? The different sized bases of the tall and short glasses. The difference brings such character and charm to the range.

And it doesn’t end with glassware, Ferm Living have plenty more dining-table worthy pieces to explore and add to your collection. Think organically shaped trivets, linen serviettes in earthen tones, and irregular brass napkin rings. The Ferm Living range is guaranteed to bring the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ to every dining event you host.


Known For: Artisan Salts & Spices

Tasteology isn’t about regular salt. Oh no, they’re focused on making something much more special. Created with the everyday chef in mind, this Sydney based brand brings a world of gastronomical flavours and tools, to help add a touch of luxury when creating in the kitchen. And not only do they taste great, they’re packed in a chic, minimal grinder. It’s the kind of packaging you want on display as part of your decor; Saxa Salt, eat your heart out!

Each product is made from the very best of ingredients, and is sourced from local producers and growers. For example, Tasteology uses Great Barrier Reef salt as a base for a good portion of their product range – yum!

Though we’re in love with their range of salts, we think you’ll be obsessed with their sugar collection – a cheeky sweet treat.