A new year signifies a time to set goals. And though you may have a few great ones set for yourself, we thought we’d share a few to help get your home organised and looking schmick for 2022.

“Uuuuuuugh, not another New Years Resolution post!”

Sorry guys, it kinda is. But we PROMISE this isn’t a preachy-self-improvement-eat-pray-love type article.

Ew, definitely don’t want that.

At the end of the day, who needs a new year signify a time to change for the better? Instead, perhaps treat the below as a few ideas to implement throughout the year, be it January 1st or September 29th. Pick one, or pick the lot, bend one around to suit you – these are a starting point to get your home in tip-top shape for 2022.

Sort Out Your Outdoor Space

After all that time spent indoors, our first resolution (and perhaps yours too) is to invest in creating a dreamy outdoor space. There’s nothing quite like getting outside for a good dose of fresh air, alongside the calming sounds of nature (if you’re lucky enough to live away from traffic), to help you recalibrate, refresh, and renew.

Regardless of the size you’re working with, there’s plenty you can do to get plenty out of your outdoor space. Big outdoor lounge chairs, surprisingly comfy weather-proof stools, decorated pots and planters, macrame-esque hammocks, patterned outdoor floor mats, there are plenty of pieces to update your outdoor space into a special oasis – the perfect place to escape.

Organise Those Magazines You Accumulated In 2021

Lockdown was a time that many of the Designstuff team became a little obsessed with reading. And by a little, we mean a lot. Our medium of choice? Interior and home magazines. They kept us connected with the industry, and brought all the inspo we could possibly need to get through the day.

Though they were a great distraction, they did start to accumulate and some of us have some pretty hefty piles of mags forming throughout our living spaces. Relatable? Not ideal, right?

Well, 2022 is your perfect chance to get these organised. Your first step is to figure out what you’d like to keep – consider covers and content. Which mags brought you the most joy, advice, ideas, and inspo. Keep those. The ones that you could do without, look to resell online (there are some AVID magazine collectors out there, looking for missed or rare issues), or donate them to a charity, school, or library.

Once you’ve worked out what you’re keeping, and what’s moving on to another home, it’s time to think storage. Bookshelves are an obvious go-to, but you’ve also got options in a designed-for-purpose magazine holder. It may seem insignificant, but this kind of Spring/Summer clean out is SUPER therapeutic and sets an organised foundation for the upcoming year.

Continue Investing In Timeless Design

So this one’s a bit of a hard-hitter for team Designstuff, and it underpins a good chunk of what we do, and advocate for, as a small business. A quick scan through our digital shelves, and you’ll quickly discover the pieces we sell aren’t throwaways. They’re ones to hold on to, use, and adore for the long term.

By investing in timeless design, you’re future-proofing your interiors, and who wouldn’t want that? But how do you know you’re making solid, long-term design decisions, especially in a trend-driven, high turnover world?

  1. Build a strong foundation of basics. Just like a plain white tee-shirt, slim-fit chinos, or an iconic little black dress, there are functional pieces for the home that have the potential to stay with you forever. A simple waste-paper bin, dish rack, or wall clock, will stick by your side and serve you well for years to come.
  2. Don’t decorate on impulse and do your best to avoid phases and trends. Slow shopping, learning about different brands and designers, and really nailing your personal style, will ensure you’re making educated, long-term decisions.
  3. Save up. Higher price points tend to exist for a reason, especially in the world of interiors and home decor. There are so many different factors that determine a product’s RRP: materiality, design, logistics (amongst many others). And we’ll be honest, you tend to get what you pay for. We’ve made sure that your investment into a piece from Designstuff isn’t just something beautiful for your home. It’s an object that comes with a beautiful design story, one you can share with others, or enjoy all to yourself.

Replace Your Oldest, Mankiest Towels

Not all towels are built equal. And we’re willing to put money on there being a few old stragglers hiding away in the deep depths of your linen closet; you know exactly what we’re talking about. They occasionally see the light of day when you’re REALLY desperate, but spend most of the time getting crusty, musty, and dusty, whilst developing an unusual and concerning patina.

Sorry to break it to you, but they gotta go. Like yesterday. Bish, bye.

Though you may be bidding adieu to the towels that got you through your first sharehouse, you can look to the future with excitement and optimism; you get to go towel shopping! And boy-oh-boy is there some serious choice to get down with. Pattern, colourblock, texture – you’ve got a ridiculous amount of choice, right at your fingertips.

Our pick? Defs Købn. Their beach/bath towels (hybrid what what) are a vision, and the colours… well seeing is believing. The brand brings tasteful pops of vibrance to your bathroom, especially when you pair up with their bathmats and hand towels. A match made in plushy towel heaven.

Level Up Your Entertaining Game

With all that’s been going on over the past two years (and fingers crossed we’ve seen the worst of it), we’re thinking that 2022 should be the year of the party – dinner, gathering, house warming, tupperware, you name it, it’s going to be an absolute riot.

So take your cues from Pink, and get this party started on a Saturday night. Here’s how:

  1. Come up with an occasion. Birthday, house warming, new haircut… Honestly, any excuse or reason will do.
  2. Draft up the guest list. Be strategic and make sure you bring a mix of peeps that you know will gel. It also doesn’t hurt to invite that friend that always brings something REALLY delicious to share.
  3. Make sure the drinks are flowing throughout the night. Consider a signature cock/mocktail, and make sure your glassware and barware is looking gorgeous (we can help with that).
  4. Let the day/night roll out as naturally as possible. Things may not go exactly to plan – people run late, the food might take a little longer to cook, kids might crack it – just enjoy yourself and, as they say, let the good times flow.

Curate The Gallery Wall Of Your Dreams

Consensus amongst the Designstuff team is that HQ needs more wall art. There’s a big blank wall in the office that is begging to be adorned with a tasteful series of graphic prints, photography, and subjects, in all different colours and styles, 2022 is the year it gets done.

Floating along in the same art-less boat? Got a spot in your own home or office that needs a little life? Why not join us in creating your own highly curated, very gorgeous, gallery wall of your dreams! Our selection of wall art and poster prints are a great place to start.

And we’re not just talking art here – your gallery can consist of anything you’re able to stick to a wall. Perhaps it’s a colourful tapestry or patterned blanket. Maybe it’s a giant piece of driftwood you found, washed up on the beach. You could even get crafty, and try your hand at papier-mâché or plaster sculpture (inspo here).