Architect and graphic designer, Kristina Dam, presents her AW20 collection for Kristina Dam Studios. Exploring the concept of sculptural minimalism, the collection features architecturally inspired furniture and decor, in a monochrome palette.

Traditional Danish design is a key feature of every Kristina Dam Studios piece. It’s an ethos focused around craftsmanship, clean silhouettes, and the use of quality materials to for durability and longevity. Basically, a Kristina Dam piece is something designed to last a lifetime.

We’re loving her new AW20 collection. It expands on Kristina Dam’s range of styling and decor pieces, which is what she’s very well known for. Steel, terracotta, sandstone, and glass make up this one of a kind collection, and the level of crafting skill here… it gives us goosebumps. These sculptural additions are perfect for minimalists, as they’re easily styled alone. Maximalists, don’t look so sad; these pieces, especially the new candle holders, definitely hold their own in a cluster of other stylish pieces.

There are also a number of additional furniture pieces to compliment, with the iconic “Bauhaus” range growing to accomodate a dining table, dining chairs, and benches. Each piece is made from powder coated stainless steel, which allows for usage both indoors and outdoors. Perforated elements bring interest and break up the ‘solidness’ of the overall design.

Through the new collection, The Kristina Dam Studios brand shows growth through dedication to a clean and consistent aesthetic. And though we’re still catching our breath from the latest release, we can’t help but wonder what their next collection will bring. Check out the range below.