Get excited because it’s basically picnic season! Are you organised? If you’re looking to level up your picnic game, or putting together an insta-worthy kit, this edit is here to help.

We know you’ve been itching for it. We see that spark in your eye and that spritely spring in your step. You’re getting all excited because it’s PICNIC SEASON! The weather’s warm, but not too warm, and the sun is shining down, but not blasting, and the smell of freshly budding flowers is wafting through your wide open nostrils.

So we’re pretty sure you’ve got a go-to picnic kit sorted and waiting to be busted out. Blankets, bags, cutlery – you’re good, right? Sure thing. Buuuuuuuut, is there something in your repertoire that could do with a little update? Picnic basket looking a little frayed? Perhaps your blanket has started to accrue a few too many holes. Or is that battery operated lantern starting to malfunction a little too often? This is the edit for you!

We’ve conjured up a collection of picnic essentials to create the perfect insta-worthy set up. You’ll find bold colour, warm portable lighting, sophisticated tonics, and plenty more! Whether you’re starting from scratch, or looking to update, you can’t go wrong with the curation below.

Picnic and Beach Mat

Base Supply

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They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it certainly wasn’t built without a strong foundation. The same principle applies to picnics; trying to picnic without a strong base is a typical rookie error you best be avoiding.

But how do you know you’re on to a winner when it comes to picnic rugs? We’ve got some criteria to help out:

  1. You want something big. There’s nothing worse than running out of room for your lunchtime smogasbord. A real tragedy.
  2. Comfort is key. Picnics tend to run into the hours, rather than minutes, and your toosh is going to be craving something soft, spongey, and padded.
  3. Easy to clean, like chuck in the washing machine and not give it a second thought level-easy.
  4. Compact and easy to move about. Having something that folds away into almost nothing means you can pack more food. More food means happy tums. Happy tums = picnic success.

Ok, so what rug or mat could possibly meet such strict criteria? Easy: The Base Supply Picnic and Beach Mat. They’re big, made of a comfy and washable spongy neoprene, and fold away into a convenient carry bag. They also flaunt some pretty fun colours and patterns as an added bonus. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

Lunch Bags

Base Supply

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A durable and robust picnic bag or basket is crucial to the success of a picnic, so it’s worth investing a bit of consideration when it comes time to choosing; any old bag just won’t do.

We think the lunch bags from Base Supply are a good all-rounder. To start with, they’re available in a selection of soft, neutral colours to match your set-up’s aesthetic. Hurray, choice! Secondly, they’re lined with insulating material to keep all your perishables less perishable, and your icy drinks icier for longer. And finally, these beauties are made from a sustainably sourced plant fibre (which doesn’t contribute to deforestation) so you can go about your picnic knowing you’ve made a very positive, environmentally conscious choice.

Desert Stool


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So you’ve got stools, and then you’ve got the Ferm LIVING Desert Stool. Far more attractive than your standard camping chair, we’re willing to wager they’re also more environmentally conscious too. As with most pieces from the Desert range, the fabric sling is made from recycled plastic bottles, and somehow transformed into a seat that feels a bit like wool, and a bit like linen. True wizardry.

What makes the Desert stools that bit more attractive is their fun, playful patterns, and contrasting powder coated steel frames. These stools aren’t just made for your buttocks, but also the envious eyes of those around. If you notice some serious stares whilst sitting on one of these thrones, you can bet it’s because they want to know where you got it from. Oh, and your fly hair-do.

Oh, did we mention they fold up for easy transport and pack-away too?

Soft Spot Solar Lamp


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Follow Me Lamp


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The sun may be setting, but you know this party (picnic) ain’t over. There’s still plenty of time for more drinks, snacks, and chit chat, even while the crickets begin to chirp in the background. The only issue? Visibility.

Now, when it comes picnic lighting, it really is a category all to itself. The aim is to create a bit of ambience and intimacy, so floodlights can go to the back of the line please. Torches are also a big nope, they lack that warm aura-like glow you’re after.

What you really need is a lantern, and we have two fantabulous options for you. Rosehndahl’s Soft Spot Solar lamps are our first pick. Why? They can be charged via USB OR (get ready for it) SOLAR ENERGY! That’s right, as long as they’ve been sitting out gathering sunlight for a few hours, they’ll be ready to go well in advance of the moon making it’s twilight appearance.

Our other recommendation is the Marset Follow Me Lamp. Aside from being super adorable, it’s made from a durable polycarbonate and veneer, making it ok to use outdoors. It also has three settings, to cater to your visibility needs, and has comfy handle for carrying around with you (should the mozzies become a little too annoying in one spot).

Tonic Syrup and Non-Alcoholic Snaps

Swedish Tonic

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Hydration is key to a successful picnic. And yes, having plenty of water on hand is a smart idea, bringing along a playful tasty option is also worthwhile. Now you could go with your standard lemonade, coke, or Cottees cordial, but we all know your palette deserves something a little more bespoke and flavourful.

Meet Swedish Tonic – the new cool kids on the block, bringing some serious fun and flavour to your standard drinking fare. Their tonic is delicious, and can be added to a glass of sparkling water for a refreshingly sweet, agave and juniper filled punch. And if a GnT is more your thing, but you aren’t keen on dealing with an afternoon hangover, their Gin & Tonic snaps delivers all the botanical flavours, with 0% alcohol.