Spring is officially here which means it’s time to grab the gloves, clear out the ‘drobes and get your home feeling renewed and rejuvenated. This annual ritual of tidy is kind of a big deal, so we’re here to get you motivated with our handiest solutions to streamline your space.

Meet Your Best Declutter Buddy

If your space looks like it could be an audition tape for the next season of Hoarders, this is your sign to add a few Collapsible Crates to cart.

Start in the wardrobe with large and medium crates, perfect for organising socks, undies, scarves, and t-shirts. Small and extra small crates are life savers when space is a precious commodity and find great use in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, and pantries. They’ll keep your cleaning and food essentials in one convenient place, eliminating chaos and maximising space.

Our tip: group items in ways that make sense to you. That way, when you’re searching for that thing you need now, you’ll know exactly where to go. They don’t need to be logical to anyone else – if you want to store batteries with boots we won’t ask questions.

The Lithos magazin organiser by ferm LIVING styled in a living room

Storing Books and Magazines Never Looked So Good

Magazine racks have come a long way, with contemporary designs being as much a sculpture as a source of tidy. Brands such as AYTM and KRISTINA DAM STUDIOS have brought some serious aesthetic to the humble rack and keeper.

For sleek, stylish, and sophisticated, the Curva range is not to be missed with its shapely curves and cool wiry form. Meanwhile, wall mounted racks are the perfect micro bookshelf or letter holder, keeping pesky papers off the living room floor.

The Designstuff tissue box cover storing a box of tissues and hiding the ugly packaging, styled in a bathoom.

Our Aesthetic Solution For Tissue Boxes

Despite being a necessity, tissue packaging tends to be pretty meh. But we’ve got a solution, one that integrates seamlessly into any space.

Our tissue box covers offer clever camouflage, hiding bright overbearing colours and patterns that stand out like a sore thumb. Never out of place, they’ll look equally swishing on your coffee table, as they do on your bathroom counter or kitchen bench.

The Designstuff desk organisation caddy holding an assortment of stationery and a phone charging. The charging cable protrudes from the caddy's cable slit.

The Desk Dynamo For Workspace Woes

A place for everything and everything in its place, let’s talk desk caddies and how they’re the work hero you didn’t know you needed… until now.

Aside from the organisational and tidy benefits, a well-designed desk caddy brings so much more to your working repertoire. Relocating your work quarters from the office to the kitchen to the living room and back to the office again? No sweat! Handles and spacey compartments make for easy scenery changes. Seeking a makeshift charging station? Easy peasy, our Designstuff desk caddies come with handy cable slits on the side. These desktop designs are more than functional beauties, they’re sleek, chic and ready to declutter your workspace.

A ferm LIVING Ceramic basket styled in a minimalistic living space. The basket is made of a ceramic, wover to make a basket-like appearance.

Box and Basket Bonanza

Household chores are a drag for sure, but with the right tools they’re actually kinda fun. Baskets and boxes are a sorting essential, and make quick work of tasks that demand efficiency. Laundry, toys, and seasonal decor can all be kept in check with the help of a perfectly sized box or basket. And if they’re designed well with the right materials, you can even keep them on display; you’ll literally be living in your own real life organisation Pinterest board!

Two ferm LIVING Curvature hooks installed on a bathroom wall. One is empty but the other is holding a towel.

HOOK, Line and Sinker

Your walls are some of the most underutilised spaces for storage, and there’s one little dark horse that can unlock their potential. You guessed it, hooks, and we’re betting you’ve got a room or two that could benefit from their storage skills. Strategically placed in the kitchen gives a hanging home to tea towels or a grab-and-go spot for reusable shopping bags. In the bathroom they’re perfect for holding robes and towels, with adhesive versions being a dream for renters. But a hook shines brightest in entry and hallways, displaying coats, hats, and bags like works of art.

While hooks might be the underdogs of Spring Cleaning, they aren’t all created equal. No sir-ee! Longer ones are great hangers, rounded ones, they’re out moonlighting as cabinet knobs on the side, raking in the usability options.

Read, Set, Spring Clean!

Let’s quickly recap those spring clean steps to get you on your merry way. Start decluttering with Collapsible Crates for efficient storage, then upgrade your organisation game with stylish Magazine Racks. Tired of staring at those dull tissue boxes? Our covers will camouflage those right up, looking an absolute treat in the process. Keep on top of WFH spaces with desk caddies, These workspace heroes provide both order and versatility. Don’t forget the power of stylish boxes and baskets for easy and stylish sorting, and use hooks strategically for creative wall storage.

Et voila, with just a couple of additions, you’ve made spring cleaning stylish and efficient!