No socks, no undies, just great design is the inspiration for this year’s Designstuff Father’s Day Edit. We’ve done the hard work when it comes to weeding out the cliché, and finding the wow-factor. Read on for our five dad’s-gonna-love-it gift picks for Father’s Day 2021.

The day we devote to the father figures in our lives is slowly coming around. On the surface, dad might not really care about what you get him this year, but deep down, we’re pretty sure there’s a desire for a sockless/undieless Father’s Day.

And fair enough. Especially when you, the loving son or daughter, has access to a preeeeetty decent selection of design-centric gifts, picked by your friendly pals at Designstuff. So let’s rock this Father’s Day like no other, and find dad something really special. It’s all waiting for you, and him, below.

Smart Diffuser Lamp


Stressy dad does not equal fun dad, whereas relaxed dad equals much more enjoyable. It’s a simple set of equations, that you can definitely impact.

Mindfulness and wellness routines benefit everyone – even dads. So encouraging him to take some time out here and there to check in, recenter, destress, and relax, may help with Father’s Day gifting this year. Gingko’s ambient lamp and oil diffuser could be the subtle nudge dad needs to prioritise a moment of self-indulgence and chill, 2-3 times a day. He’ll thank you for it later.

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Trace Clock


Hickory dickory dock, this year dad’s getting a clock!

Do all dad’s have this strange obsession with time? Did we all grow up with a dad that had us leaving at the crack of dawn to get to the airport 7 hours early? Outrageous, but it’s the way universe so why fight it? Use it as inspiration for this year’s Father’s Day present, and consider the Ferm Living Trace wall clock. Functional, but above all, stunning to look at. Its combination of brass hands and blackened steel body create a brilliant contrast, with its minimalistic, but ever so slightly decorative, form makes it a striking piece for dad’s wall of his choosing.

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Wine Breather and Carafe


We’re not going to lie, this is the type of gift you give to dad, watch dad use, borrow from dad, and never give back to dad.

Menu’s Wine Breather (which was designed by the geniuses at Norm Architects), is a wine breather and carafe like no other, and perfect for dads that take pride in their collection of wines. Aside from its elegant silhouette, and stunning gold topper, it’s the functionality that really sets this piece apart. The lid connects to the glass breather and bottle seamlessly, all you have to do is flip it over and the gadget does the rest, aerating the wine for an enhanced sensory experience.

And if you’re after a demo, Tim is more than happy to help…

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Key Organiser


If you have an Orbitkey key organiser, you’re probably kicking back, basking in that feeling of pure organisational bliss. Don’t you think dad deserve that too?

The results are in, and the verdict is final: Dad’s tangled keyring ain’t cute. And though he may not wish to admit it, deep down he kinda hopes that this Father’s Day, someone will get him an Orbitkey. Slimline and discrete, the clever device holds up to seven keys or handy add-ons, to create an all-in-one unit for day-to-day use. Available in a range of coloured leathers (traditional and vegan), and a polymer for those that are a little more active, there’s an organiser to match your dad’s own style.

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Burger Press


The relationship between Dads and their BBQ’s is something sacred, and worth caring for. There is no stronger bond between fathers and grilling over an open flame.

So why not nurture this unexplainable father/bbq connection with something relevant this Father’s Day? The Eva Solo Burger Press is a fabulous gift idea, and a valuable addition to dad’s repertoire of bbq and food-prep tools. This handy device forms THE most perfectly meat or vegetable-based circular patties, ready to hit the grill before making their way into our tum-tums. It’s the gift that benefits the whole fam.

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