Glassware – the make or break of any table setting. Sophisticated, sculptural, minimal, or playful, glasses come in all shapes and sizes, and those shapes and sizes have much to communicate. What do your glasses and tumblers say about you?

If we were to judge a table setting, our eyes would immediately dart to the glasses. Are we being served simple, clean, and minimal, or a bit more eclectic, fun, and daring? Is there texture? What about silhouette? Your glassware and drink ware has quite a bit to say about you, and we’re going to take a look into the subtle communicative elements to look out for.

Still Carafe

Water from a tap? Pffffft. Serve yours from Ferm Living‘s Still Carafe, and taste the difference… Ok, we’re not that snobby, no carafe is changing how your water tastes, but this one certainly does speak volumes about its owners taste in serving ware. It’s modest, almost unassuming silhouette, is offset by a smoked glass top, which we’re calling The Show Stopper. The combo results in a, dare we say, sexy glass carafe, one we think will go down as one of Ferm Living‘s most iconic glass pieces.

Whiskey Glasses

These truly divine specimens immediately communicate glass, I mean class, and sophistication. Their perfectly curved base, and gentle upwards taper, is exactly what you want in a whiskey glass. Normann Copenhagen mention this silhouette is more than just something to enjoy staring at, there’s a science to these glasses. All those curves you see going on promote movement of the liquid inside, enhancing flavour and aroma. The way the glass closes towards the top is also a massive consideration, and helps direct the scent of the whiskey directly to your nose. Yep, they’ve thought of everything, and if you like what you see, you should also check their cognac glasses – my, oh my.

Ripple Wine Glasses

Wine glasses, arguably, tend to all look the same. You are no doubt well acquainted with the “u” shaped bowl, long stem, and circular foot. It’s all a bit been there, done that. Which brings us to Ferm Living‘s Ripple Wine glasses, the glasses that are breaking away from the ‘typical’, and venturing into ‘unexplored’ territory. These kinda goblet/kinda chalice, glasses are ideal for those looking to branch out and break the mould. Someone looking to sip wine and look like medieval royalty whilst doing it; the eccentric, fun-loving, party host – shout out to you.

Kendra Mug

The mere mention of a mug has all kinds of warm & fuzzy connotations. There’s definitely a sense of comfort and cosiness when mugs are involved, they really are the best way to enjoy a warm beverage. Bloomingville‘s Kendra mug is a physical representation of these feels. It’s a little asymmetric, imperfectly formed, and invites a sense of home. This is the type of mug, when handed to you, makes you want to cosy up on the sofa with a blanket, and chat the day/night away. You just know that whatever liquid is inside its bulbous body is delicious, and comforting, and will make all your problems go away.

Ripple Long Glasses

A reliable set of long, highball glasses, are an essential in anyone’s glassware repertoire. Perfect for serving anything from water to fancy shmancy cocktails, these guys work hard, and will become a staple at dinner parties or unexpected, but welcomed, visits from friends. Ferm Living‘s Ripple Long Glasses bring a touch of eclecticism and texture, whilst retaining a civilised and refined look. Each glass has a differently sized base, creating a bit of a lucky dip – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a lucky dip.

Cylinda Range

Serving and drink ware never looked this good, and though it may cost a pretty penny, the Cylinda range by Stelton is worth every cent. The collection, designed by the esteemed Arne Jacobsen, perfectly represents minimalist Danish design principles. Refined back to cylindrical shapes, and finished in a polished stainless steel, there’s an overall architectural feel that communicates a love for considered craftsmanship. Consider the Cylinda range perfect for design collectors – something to build and grow over time.