Founded in 2011, Ben-Tovim Design is an Australian industrial and product design house, headed up by Jonathan Ben-Tovim. Join us as we focus in on three of the brand’s key pieces.

Look, not being biased or anything, but there is some INCREDIBLE Aussie design talent out there. Like leader of the pack level amazing. Again, no bias. We’re legit.

One such designer, Jonathan Ben-Tovim, brings some serious creativity to the market. His brand, Ben-Tovim Design, has really made a name for itself with its creative lighting. Fans of the brand will remember the Perf Pendant as being one of the breakout designs, and we’re pretty certain the new Fold range, which includes lighting and modular wine racks, will follow suit.

Learn more about B-TD‘s iconic designs below. We take zero responsibility for any unhealthy design-related obsession that result.

Let’s play a game called, what movie inspired this lamp?

We’ll give you three hints:

  1. Sci-Fi genre with a cult following.
  2. Starred Harrison Ford.
  3. Directed by by Ridley Scott

If you said Blade Runner, you’d be on the money. 10 points to Gryffindor!

Once stated, it’s really easy to see the base inspiration shining through. This industrial-futuristic-look lamp employs rich materiality alongside a visionary silhouette, creating something that looks like it belongs in a science fiction film.

Our eyes are drawn to two aspects of this design: the sleek Hermes grey marble base, and the folded aluminium light-reflecting fins. Each piece complements the other through colour and similarity in overall form. The marble appears to morph into the aluminium, growing ever upwards into a continuous extension of the design.

This is the type of lamp you buy and keep forever, something worthy of a permanent spot in your home, office, restaurant, or cafe. Its extreme form and rich materiality allows it to stand alone as a hero piece, something to display like art.

A design that threw BT-D into the design spotlight, the Perf Pendant is a minimalistic pendant light with a unique industrial twist.

Named after its perforated base, the design engages the senses through contrasting textures. The dotted metal housing provides a strong visual anchor, particularly the brass version which is an absolute stunner. The opal glass bulb appears oversized, helping define the piece’s playful silhouette, and of course, distribute that gorgeous glow.

Available in three sizes, there are a manner of different situations in which these pendants would shine (pardon the pun). Firstly, they work beautifully as a cluster, utilising each of the varying sizes. Alternatively, the smaller and medium options work well as bedside lamps, whilst the large size looks incredible when installed over a dining space as it creates a sculptural focal point.

Perfect 90 degree angles define BT-D’s Fold wine rack. Stacked zig-zags create the unit’s geometric silhouette, providing a dynamic and attractive base to display bottles.

The unit pays homage to its manufacturing process, expressing a purity through materiality and form. Powder-coated sheet metal forms the body, creating a sleek and minimalistic appearance. In contrast, BT-D embraces the piece’s industrial nature, with screws left exposed (tidily of course) almost as if they were a design feature, contrasting against the smooth steel body.

The rack has a convenient modular design, allowing for multiple units to safely stack atop each other. This not only provides more storage, but allows for a change in silhouette should the space allow for, or require it.

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