‘Tis the season to be… swamped with back to back visits from holiday guests, both the expected and impromptu. And though the company is (in most cases) very much welcomed and enjoyed, being prepared for the moment guests strike is another story.

2022 is the year of being prepared (yep, we made that up just then) and to help us all prepare is Jemma and Trent, the duo better known as Wally Parton. Their clever and creative brains came up with three simple and quick ways to ensure you’re always being prepared for guests (and the time spent with them is enjoyable too). Team this up with our Get Guest-Ready Checklist and you’re sweet!

With a little design magic from us, their tried and tested tips (they did in fact use these ideas on their own test experiments/guests) are now available to you! So read on and ensure you’re well prepared for any and all visitors that may frequent your abode over the next few (crazy) months.

Tip Number One

Prepare Your Cocktail Essentials

What’s the most reported vibe killer of the 21st century? Not having enough ice for when impromptu holiday guests come knocking on your door. You aren’t a vibe killer though, because your fridge is stocked with a selection of schmancy silicone ice moulds and trays by the cool kids from W&P. Which means the drinks of all your guests are ALWAYS chilled to perfection and an absolute delight to consume.

In all seriousness, W&P legit make the best ice trays and ice moulds we’ve come across. They’re made from silicone, making it really easy and convenient to pop your frozen spheres or cubes out into a glass. They’re also pretty dang attractive – some even feature a subtle marble vein – and include lids and covers for easy peasy stacking.

Oh, and a fun tip – for crystal clear, bubble-free ice cubes and ice spheres, use very hot to boiling water when filling the mould. Not sure how or why this works, it’s probably got something to do with #science. We’re just keen on the results.

Tip Number Two

Create A Snack/THNAAAACK Station

Would you believe your guests actually want to be fed? Shocking… and how needy. So why not employ the ‘help yourself’ method? Instead of constantly going around offering hors d’oeuvres and plate top-ups, set up a snacking station and let your guests do the rest. Focus on thnackies with a long shelf life, because who can be bothered doing a daily top up. Think bananas in a bowl, biccies on a board, dates in a dish, a canister of cookies… you get the drift.

J&T have very cleverly opted for something a little left of centre, but right where we love them, by utilising a MAISON BALZAC Pomponette vase as a fun container to serve peanut M&M’s (crunchy M&M’s would also be a respectable choice) and chocolate freckles. Talk about a cheeky treat. For balance, because your body is a temple, they’ve also whipped up a health-fruit station by filling a ferm LIVING Ceramic Centrepiece with colourful fresh fruit.

Tip Number Three

Make Your Home Smell Like A Hotel

We often disregard the power of our olfactory sense. Which really is a shame because it’s got serious potential to elevate a room and consequently exceed the expectations of your guests. The simple act of lighting a candle, burning your favourite incense, or setting up a diffuser, can make all the difference if you’re setting out to impress.

Wally Parton certainly get it, and rate the brass BEHR & CO Incense Holder for not only its looks, but its petite size, making it perfect to place anywhere in the home. Loaded up with a fragrant stick of burning incense (we seriously rate the range by MAISON BALZAC or ADDITION STUDIOS), it can be moved around (if needed) to bring luxurious fragrance to every corner of the home.